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Energy and vitamin drink mixes have become increasingly prevalent over recent years, with many individuals looking to supplement their diets and simultaneously ensure that they are hydrated. Energy and vitamin mixes are designed to provide additional energy and vitality by offering a combination of different vitamins or minerals, or by providing energy in the form of calories. VIV 5 Energy Infusion is an energy drink mix designed to increase levels of energy and vitality.

List Of Ingredients

Viv 5 Energy Infusion is a drink mix comprising ingredients that include Schizandra Berry, Black Currant, Cordyceps, Siberian Ginseng, Rhodiola and Goji Berry. However, a full ingredients list is not readily available.

Product Features

Viv 5 Energy Infusion claims to increase energy and vitality, boost the metabolism, improve the immune system, and combat fatigue. It is available in powder form in a sachet, and is then mixed with water before drinking. The ingredients in Viv 5 Energy Infusion appear to be largely natural, and include a range of fruits and herbs that are wel known for having specific healing or antioxidant properties. Ginseng, for example, is commonly used in Chinese medicine to boost energy levels, while the Goji Berry and the Blackcurrant are known to have very high anti-oxidant levels. The Viv 5 Energy Infusion website is currently offering a month-long free trial of the product, although users will have to pay for postage and handling. A month’s supply of Viv 5 Energy Infusion would ordinarily cost $39.95.

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  • A free trial is available for those who wish to test the product
  • The product appears to contain natural ingredients
  • The product does not contain stimulants or caffeine


  • The product is not specifically designed to promote weight loss
  • A full list of ingredients is not readily available
  • No clinical research is available about the efficacy of the product


Viv 5 Energy Infusion is a natural product that may help users increase their levels of vitality and well-being. It contains a variety of ingredients that are known to be high in vitamins and to have a strong anti-oxidant effect, and that may have health benefits. However, while increased energy may lead to increased activity and therefore some degree of weight loss, Viv 5 Energy Infusion is not specifically designed to promote or facilitate weight loss. While the product may increase energy levels and potentially have an effect on health and well being, users would still need to combine Viv 5 Energy Infusion supplementation with a healthy diet and regular exercise regimen in order to lose weight. However, Viv 5 Energy Infusion appears to be a relatively healthy and stimulant-free way of boosting energy levels and obtaining a variety of nutrients and minerals.

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    Elveda Rubino

    I have heard great results from friends…and I would like to find out more about the trial offer before I would purchase a month supply…I have a very bad immune system due to multiple intestinal surgeries from Crohns disease…so needless to say I tire very easly and need a safe way to boost energy levels. Please advise.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.