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Given the amount of pollutants in the air and preservatives and additives in the food we consume, people are increasingly looking for ways to “detox” their body. Vogel’s Detox Box is a 10-day program designed to help detoxify the body of chemicals and substances that may be causing harm, and that may be resulting in lower than normal levels of vitality and well being. The program was developed by Alfred Vogel and is designed to help the organs to rid themselves of a build up of toxins and free radicals. It comprises a variety of natural ingredients, and its develop claims it can have a beneficial effect on the function of organs such as the kidneys, liver, and lymphatic system.

List Of Ingredients

Vogel’s Detox Box includes a Calendula Complex a Frangula Complex a Milk Thistle Complex, and a Solidago Complex. However, a complete list of ingredients does not appear to be available.

Product Features

The Vogel’s Detox Box program is designed to be undertaken twice yearly over a ten day period. Users are instructed to take a certain number of drops of the the Calendula, Soldiago, and Milk Thistle complexes in their juice with their breakfast. They are also required to take two Frangula Complex tablets at the same time. A diet plan is also available, and is advised for best results. These ingredients are designed to work together in an interactive way in order to encourage detoxification. This is claimed to result in a decrease in levels of bloating, as well as in improved digestion and greater levels of energy. The product can be purchased for $27.99.

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  • The product is relatively inexpensive and need only be used twice a year
  • The product appears to contain natural ingredients
  • A helpline is available if necessary


  • The product is not specifically designed to promote weight loss
  • There is little scientific evidence that detoxing provides any benefit
  • No clinical research is available about the efficacy of the product


Vogel’s Detox Box is designed to help promote organ function by ensuring that organs are not overworked in trying to deal with the build up of toxins and chemicals. It is claimed that detoxing can be beneficial to the organs, and can help promote improved vitality, as well as decrease incidences of bloating or irritation. However, there is little scientific evidence that argues that detoxing is something that needs to be undertaken at all: the body’s organs are specifically designed to ensure that pollutants and other undesirables are removed from the body. Those interested in improving their organ function would see better results from ensuring they partake in regular exercise and ensure that their diet is healthy and balanced. Users should also note that Vogel’s Detox Box is not designed to promote weight loss.

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    So where can I purchase Vogel’s Detox Box program?


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    hi am a 26 yrs old lady and wouild want to know if vogel detox can eliminate virus coz i was tested to day and the results were positive