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Vortex clothing has been manufacturing clothing for almost a quarter of a century. The company is UK-based, but has found significant support in the USA, where it is popular amongst gym-goers and for use in exercise such as jogging and cycling. Vortex is widely available through both e-tailers and traditional brick and mortar shops, and is a fairly inexpensive brand that may be a good choice for those looking to purchase exercise gear.

List Of Ingredients

VORTEX Clothing is generally made from cotton, but additional embellishments are available on some items.

Product Features

VORTEX Clothing offers a wide variety of fitness wear that can be used in environments such as the gym, or for casual exercise such as running, walking, or cycling. VORTEX produces clothing across a number of different lines that range from slightly more formal to the very casual. However, the lines that include the VORTEX logo and that are most casual in style have become quite popular in the USA. They can be purchased from around $19.99

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  • VORTEX clothing is relatively inexpensive
  • VORTEX clothing can be obtained from major retailers
  • The company is known for its emphasis on customer service and quality


  • VORTEX sizes appear to only go up to an XL, which may be too small for some wearers who are looking to lose weight


VORTEX clothing is a popular choice for those who are looking to get into shape, or who visit the gym on a regular basis. While they do not offer specialized clothing such as that worn by serious athletes, their basic range should easily meet the needs of the casual or general athlete. Purchasing an item of clothing specifically for use during exercise may encourage users to enforce their exercise regimen and ensure that they are making better choices in relation to their diet and exercise habits.

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