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Established in 1993 by a body-builder, VPX is a US-based company that designs and develops supplements targeted to serious athletes and body-builders. The company offers a wide variety of nutritional supplements such as protein powders and weight-gain powders, and also offers a variety of general health and well-being supplements, although these too tend to be targeted towards the specific health issues experienced by body builders. The company also offers weight loss products. One product in the VPX range that claims to promote weight loss is VPX Fiberteq, a product designed to increase the fiber in an individual’s diet in order to increase levels of vitamin absorption.

List Of Ingredients

The product contains a variety of high-fiber ingredients such as psyllium husk, flax seed, rice bran, and probiotics.

Product Features

VPX Fiberteq is designed to encourage weight loss by increasing the amount of fiber in the diet, which it is then claimed should lead to increased nutrient absorption. The product is provided as a powder, and is designed to be mixed with a liquid before ingestion. It is recommended that users gradually build up their intake of VPXFiberteq to ensure that initial results are not too strong, as loose bowel movements can be an unwanted result of the sudden introduction of too much fiber into the diet. A one month supply of VPX Fiberteq is available for around $20 for a thirty-serving container.

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  • Fiber is a valuable component of the diet, and can result in improved digestion
  • Careful usage and dosage information is given
  • The product appears to contain natural ingredients


  • Issues with fiber are usually only an issue for those with an excessively high-protein diet, such as body builders; those who eat well should not need supplementation
  • It is unclear how increasing fiber levels will result in weight loss
  • The product is expensive given the relative ease with which fiber can be purchased in the form of whole grains such as bread or cereals


While fiber is certainly a valuable part of any diet, it is usually unnecessary to supplement fiber levels if one is partaking of a balanced diet. It is usually an imbalance in diet that results in the need to increase fiber levels to promote regularity and nutrient absorption: this is often a problem among athletes such as body-builders, whose high protein diet can result in issues with regularity. In addition, it is unclear from the VPX website exactly how the supplement is designed to aid in weight loss, and users should be wary about the efficacy of this product. In addition, they should also take heed of the warnings about slowly introducing this product into their diet, and be aware of the possible side effects. Users would be better placed to ensure that they are eating a healthy and balanced diet that is complemented by regular exercise rather than relying on a fiber supplement whose efficacy in terms of weight loss seems dubious.

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