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The bodybuilding industry is just as strong as the weight loss industry. Some companies choose to supply both types of supplements, and though the ingredient lists sometimes mirror herbs, the supplements are not similar. VPX is one of the leading supplement companies in the market today. The company sells weight loss supplements, fat burners and bodybuilding supplements. VPX NO Synthesize is all about the bodybuilder. NO or nitric oxide increases blood flow to the muscle. That blood carries more oxygen to feed the muscle, enhance growth and decrease recovery time. In addition, the increased blood flow is the perfect transportation for creatine and other bodybuilding ingredients. There are no benefits of increasing nitric oxide for the average dieter.

List of Ingredients

Creatinol-O-Phosphate, DiSodium Creatine Phosphate Tetrahydrate, Bis Picolinato Oxo Vanadium, Beta-Alanine, Casein Protein Hydrolysates (PeptoPro), Gamma-Butyrobetaine.

Product Features

Creatinol-O-Phosphate and DiSodium Creatine Phosphate Tetrahydrate are two forms of creatine. Creatine is the monster in bodybuilding. It increases energy, floods the muscle with water and helps force supplement ingredients into the muscle where they can help the bodybuilder achieve massive gains, according to VPX. For the dieter, creatine is the enemy. While the muscle may love the extra hydration, the scale will not. Creatine causes water retention. If you have ever looked at before and after photos for bodybuilding supplements, you surely have noticed the swollen look in the before photo. That swelling has nothing to do with body fat and everything to do with creatine and water retention.

The remaining ingredients are nitric oxide boosters and simple proteins. Simple proteins help the muscle grow faster, according to VPX. Dieters can find a lean protein supplement to use as a meal replacement shake instead of taking a supplement like VPX NO Synthesize that will cause weight gain.

VPX products are expensive and they are designed to be stacked with other VPX supplements, so the bodybuilder can expect to pay hundreds of dollars a month on supplements alone.

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  • NO Synthesize will hydrate the muscle.
  • Increases blood flow.


  • Creatine causes water weight gain.
  • Not designed for the dieter.
  • Will not increase metabolism.


There is no reason for a dieter to take creatine. This supplement is defined and refined for the bodybuilder who wants to blast muscles with creatine and open blood vessels. Energy may increase, but not the same way it increases when taking caffeine or green tea. The potential weight gain side effects of VPX NO Synthesize are expected during the building phase of weight loss. The bodybuilder should not take this supplement during the cutting phase because of the creatine. Other VPX products are available for cutting.

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