VPX Redline Evoburn Review

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What You Should Know

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VPX is a US-based company that was established almost two decades ago by a professional bodybuilder. The company was founded in order to develop supplements targeted to serious athletes and body-builders. A wide variety of nutritional supplements is offered by the company: these include protein and weight-gain powders, and a number of general health and well-being supplements. The company has also developed several weight loss products. One of these is the VPX Redline Evoburn, which is designed to hinder the development of fat cells. The emphasis on the product is on the “burning” of fat cells using thermogenetic chemicals.

List Of Ingredients

Evoburn is the major active ingredient in VPX Redline Evoburn, but the product also contains a number of other ingredients, including caffeine sources such as green tea, coffee, yohimbine, and yerba mate. These ingredients are designed to increase the likelihood of thermogenesis.

Product Features

VPX Redline Evoburn is designed to encourage weight loss by facilitating thermogenesis. The product’s major active ingredients are Evoburn and caffeine, and its developers claim that these ingredients have the effect of burning fat by increasing body temperature and by inducing the body to shiver. Caffeine is a well-known stimulant that is known to cause “jitters” when taken in large doses, and research has indicated that it increases the heart rate. However, users should be aware that caffeine may result in side effects in some people. Users are initially advised to take 2.5 ml of VPX Redline Evoburn to assess their tolerance of the product, and then move up to taking 5 ml of the product. The developers warn against exceeding this recommended amount. VPX Redline Evoburn can be purchased for around $30.

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  • The two active ingredients are thought to increase the thermogenetic response
  • Careful usage and dosage information is given
  • The product appears to contain natural ingredients


  • There is potential risk to one’s health from using stimulants at a high dosage level
  • This product is aimed at the serious athlete market, with emphasis on workouts


VPX Redline Evoburn is a product that is designed to facilitate the burning of fat by inducing shivering and increasing thermogenesis. This means that the body is both shivering and sweating at once, both of which are energy-demanding processes. Both active ingredients in this product are thought to have properties that can burn fat. However, users should be very careful when using a product such as this, as given the high amounts of caffeine it contains, it may result in adverse reactions in some. Interested parties should consider consulting with their doctor or dietician before using a product such as this, and should ensure that they follow the manufacturer’s directions with regard to testing their tolerance for the product by taking small doses initially.

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