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VPX is a US-based company that specializes in designing and developing supplements targeted to the serious athlete and body-building market. The company was founded in 1993 with the intent of providing high quality supplements for serious athletes who were willing to pay a little more for a highly effective product. VPX prides itself on being ahead of the curve in terms of the development of its products. It notes that it was the first company to come out with a protein isolate product, and that its manufacturing techniques have always been several years ahead of other companies.

List Of Ingredients

VPX product ingredients vary depending on the particular type of supplement in question. However, nutritional profiles for each product are available on the VPX website.

Product Features

VPX offers a variety of supplements that are largely targeted at the body-building market. These include protein supplements designed to promote the building of muscle, pre-workout supplements designed to ensure a good quality workout and muscle repair, post-workout supplements, general health supplements, and fat loss and energy supplements. These last supplements are designed to discourage the growth of fat, and to increase the metabolism. Full nutritional profiles are provided on the company website, as well as information about dosages and how the products should be taken. Warnings are also provided for some products, and should be adhered to.

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  • Full nutritional profiles are provided for each product, as well as detailed descriptions
  • The products appear to be backed by research
  • The company emphasizes innovation and improvement


  • The products are largely targeted at body-builders
  • The products may be expensive for some
  • There are health risks associated with some products


VPX offers a variety of products designed to promote muscle building and repair. As such, their products are largely targeted at the body-building market. However, some individuals who find that they are struggling to get sufficient amounts of protein in their diet may benefit from taking a protein supplement, although they should ensure that supplementation is part of a balanced diet. While VPX does offer a variety of products that are targeted towards inhibiting the growth of fat, the website is very careful to describe how these products should be taken, and goes so far as offering warnings about the potential side effects if too large a dose is taken. While the manufacturer claims that these products are backed by science, users should always be wary of any product that claims to result in significant changes to the body or its functioning. Users should consult with their doctor or nutritionist before beginning to supplement with weight loss products, and should aim to ensure that weight loss occurs within a context of healthy diet and exercise.

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