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What You Should Know

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VPX Synthesize is the sister supplement to VPX NO-Shotgun. Bodybuilders take No-Shotgun before workouts and No-Synthesize after workouts. The idea of the sister supplements is to promote health muscle growth and speed up the recovery process. VPX Synthesize is not a weight loss or fat burning supplement. The ingredients are designed to open blood vessels and move protein to where it needs to be – the muscle. According to the supplement description, there are no stimulant ingredients in the supplement, but the sister supplement No-Shotgun is packed with stimulants.

List of Ingredients

COP – Creatinol-O-Phosphate, Di Sodium Creatine Phosphate Tetrahydrate, BPOV – Bis Picolinato Oxo Vanadium, Beta-Alanine, PeptoPro – Casein Protein Hydrolysates and GBB – Gamma Butyrobetaine.

Product Features

The ingredient list for VPX Synthesize may look scientific and impressive, but the ingredients are extremely common. There are several varieties of creatine. Creatine is commonly used by bodybuilders to increase muscle growth, but there is skepticism about the effectiveness of this ingredient. We do known that creatine pulls water into the muscle giving the bodybuilder that feeling of fullness. Often this fullness is mistaken for muscle growth. Weight gain is a negative side effect of taking creatine supplements. Bodybuilders may gain 30 pounds or more of water weight during the off season.

After workout shakes typically contain carbohydrates. Carbohydrates transport protein to muscles for faster recovery. Instead of packing in extra calories, VPX Synthesize adds BPOV. BPOV looks like insulin to the body so it may work in the same way carbohydrates work.

Protein is the final important ingredient in VPX Synthesize. Protein is often called the building block of new muscle. There is no doubt protein is the most important supplement for bodybuilders, but dieters can also use protein to replace meals or satiate hunger.

When these three ingredients are packed together in VPX Synthesize they work together to promote muscle growth. Creatine floods the muscle with hydration, BPOV moves protein to the muscle and protein helps the muscle grow and recover.

VPX Synthesize sells for $70 per 1.24-pound container. This is a hefty price to pay when VPX wants the bodybuilder to stack the supplement with other VPX products.

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  • Contains three important ingredients for muscle growth.
  • Sold by a trusted vitamin and supplement company.
  • Contains no stimulants.
  • Can safely be stacked with other supplements.


  • Costs more than other post-workout shakes.
  • May cause weight gain and water retention.


VPX offers plenty of supplements for energy and weight loss, but VPX Synthesize is not one. This supplement is meant to be stacked with VPX NO-Shotgun, a pre-workout shake. When taken together, the supplements promote muscle growth and faster recovery.

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