VPX Zero Impact Diet Rapid Weight Loss Kit Review

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What You Should Know

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Weight loss is something that plays on many people’s minds. Weight can take a long time to creep on, but most people want to be able to remove it as quickly as possible. As a result, many quick weight loss products have entered the market. These products are designed to result in fast weight loss, but users should always carefully their efficacy and how safe they are. The VPX Zero Impact Diet Rapid Weight Loss Kit is a fast weight loss program designed by body building specialist company VPX. This kit comprises a number of different VPX products and supplements that together are intended to facilitate rapid weight loss.

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients of the kit vary depending on the particular products in question. The products include: Zero Impact Meal Bars, Zero Impact Protein Bag, Zero Impact MRP Packets, Redline Gel Caps, Glucosa Cream, Thinfat, and Fiberteq. The ingredients for some of these products are available on the VPX website.

Product Features

The VPX Zero Impact Diet Rapid Weight Loss Kit contains a variety of different products that users are intended to use in a complementary manner in order to facilitate rapid weight loss. In addition to the variety of products already mentioned, the kit also comes with an instructional booklet and DVD to help encourage weight loss by encouraging balanced eating and training and exercise. The program is a high-protein program that is designed to facilitate the building and maintenance of muscle, and to stop the deterioration of muscle and the growth of fat. Redline Gel Caps and Thinfat are both thermogenetic products that are designed to speed up fat loss by raising the body temperature and inducing shivering, which helps burn calories. The product is designed to last users a month, and costs around $150, although availability varies.

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  • A variety of different products are included, offering a multi-modal approach to weight loss
  • Instructions and relevant information is provided with the kit
  • Many of the active ingredients included in these products are thought to have some effect on weight loss and muscle mass


  • The product emphasizes consumption of protein, which at very high levels can have adverse effects
  • The product seems to emphasize supplements while not seeming to focus on well-balanced nutrition
  • The product is expensive
  • This product may be aimed more at the serious athlete market


The VPX Zero Impact Diet Rapid Weight Loss Kit may result in rapid weight loss when taken as advised. However, users should be aware that rapid weight loss is often unsustainable, and as it does not teach users longer-term healthy habits, often results in subsequent weight gain. While this product may help users kickstart their weight loss, users should be aware that it is inadvisable to attempt to lose very large quantities of weight within a very short duration, and that weight lost in such a manner is often fluid rather than body fat.

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