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Vroom Foods is a food company that sells Foosh and Buzz Bites – caffeinated products. Foosh is a caffeinated mint and Buzz Bites is a caffeinated soft chewy chocolate candy. The website for the food company offers a ton of information on the products. Consumers can even purchase clothing and gear with the product names and/or company motto.

Vroom Foods does not sell products for children and teens as all products on the website contain caffeine. There are product labels for both Foosh and Buzz Bites. The labels show all nutritional information, but they don’t show the ingredients in the gum.

List of Ingredients


  • Caffeinated confectionary products.

Product Features

The Vroom Foods story is probably more interesting than the products the company sells. Jason Kensey was a graduate student who loved to accept more projects than he could accomplish during the daylight hours. He did not like the taste of coffee and the only place he could get the caffeine he needed to stay up late was from a soda machine in the dorm. One night the machine was broken and he knew he needed to create some better way to get the caffeine he needed. After graduate school, he got a real job and started making some pretty good money, but the seed of the business was in his mind and he knew he wanted to start the business now know as Vroom Foods.

The business is based on then Foosh Mint, which was the first product created by the company. The mint took forever to formulate because it needed to contain lots of caffeine, but taste great too. Hiding the caffeine taste was hard, but eventually he got it right and the mint was born. Later, the Buzz Bites chocolates were added to the family.

There is caffeine in the Vroom Foods products and that caffeine will increase metabolism and heart rate. You will burn more calories after consuming the products, but that doesn’t mean you’ll weigh less. You still have to eat less and exercise to lose weight even with caffeine.

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  • Vroom Foods sells caffeinated mints and candies.
  • The products are available for sale online.


  • Caffeine is not the only proven weight loss ingredient.
  • Dieters may not notice a change in weight.


Vroom Foods is not your average food company. This company was built around an idea one man had about how caffeine should be supplied to people who don’t want to drink their caffeine. The products on the website are not designed for weight loss and may supply more calories than they burn. They are also not safe for children or teens as they contain large amounts of caffeine.

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