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Bodybuilders emphasize the reduction of body fat and the building of muscle, and will often embark on strict high-protein and low carbohydrates in order to build the large quantities of muscle required by their chosen sport. As such, there is a variety of companies offering supplements targeted towards the body building market. These usually aim to help build muscle while inhibiting fat. Ordinary people looking to lose weight my be able to gain some benefit from supplementing their diet with specially designed meal replacement products, but should be aware that body building products are usually designed with a specific elite athlete market in mind. Vyo-Tech is one body building company that has recently emerged in the body building market. It specializes in developing nutritional supplements for body builders and elite athletes.

List Of Ingredients

The ingredients of Vyo-Tech products vary depending on the particular products in question; however, dietary and nutritional information can be sourced from the company website and from selected retailers selling Vyo-Tech products,

Product Features

Vyo-Tech products are designed to be taken periodically in order to receive best results. Most products should be taken once or twice daily, or preceding or following a workout. Protein supplement products are low-fat products that can help build muscle while discouraging fat growth, and can be beneficial for serious athletes. However, high levels of animal protein in the diet can affect kidney function, and those who already eat meat on a regular basis may wish to consider avoiding supplementing with protein. Other products offered by Vyo-Tech include thermogenetic products designed to burn energy by increasing body temperature and encouraging the user to shiver. While this particular bodily reaction can result in weight loss, the products that trigger this response frequently contain stimulants such as caffeine, which can be harmful in large or recurring doses. Vyo-Tech products are usually available in one-monthly dose purchases.

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  • A high protein diet can result in fat inhibition and muscle and organ repair
  • Products are available from e-tailers online
  • Detailed information is included for each product


  • Overconsumption of protein can be dangerous, and users should take this into account
  • Relying on supplements does not promote learning new healthy behaviors
  • This product may be aimed more at the serious athlete market


Like many companies specializing in supplements for body builders, Vyo-Tech offers a range of products that are designed to facilitate muscle mass while inhibiting the development of fat. However, users should bear in mind that these products are formulated for serious athletes who undertake a serious exercise regimen and frequently consult with nutritionists about their diets. While protein supplementation may offer benefits for some, users should be aware that a diet that is too high in protein can pose risks. While these products may slow weight gain or help promote weight loss, users should aim to build healthy habits such as developing a balanced diet and ensuring that they exercise on a regular basis.

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