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Waiora is a natural supplements company that originated in 2004. The focus of Waiora is direct selling through multi level marketing channels. This sales method always concerns us when we look at health and beauty supplements. What we frequently find is that these companies are so focused on their sales networks that the quality of the products is an afterthought. We will review the Waiora products in more depth below to see if their products live up to their claims.

Waiora’s two main product lines are nutritional supplements and personal care. In the nutritional supplements area, Waiora offers products in these categories: immune & detox, cleanse, digestive, essential nutrition, cardiovascular, and targeted nutritionals. Products include teas, juices, and both powder and liquid supplements. The personal care items focus on antiaging and skin care and include masks, cleansers, serums and body care products.

Each Waiora product has its own page. The description pages are generally informative and provide detailed information about the product and its ingredients. Some products have details of ongoing clinical trials but no results have been posted to the website as at the time of this review. We like to see a manufacturer take the time to thoroughly test its products both for safety and for efficacy. Another feature of the Waiora website we like is links to third-party research supporting the effectiveness of the ingredients. This research should be reviewed carefully however to make sure that the doses and concentrations of the ingredients used in the studies are the same as those used in the products.

All of the Waiora products can be purchased directly through the website. We were pleased to see that a 30-day money back satisfaction guarantee is offered regardless of whether the product is purchased from the website or through an agent. There do not appear to be any product samples or trial sizes offered.


Waiora products use mainly natural ingredients. Common ingredients in the health supplements include acai berry, zeolite, green tea, and bamboo leaf extract. Full ingredient listings for each product are provided on the website.

Product Features

We will take a closer look at EDN, one of Waiora’s top selling products. EDN is a juice-type daily supplement. According to the company, EDN is the world’s most powerful liquid nutritional supplement. EDN increases energy, boosts the immune system and improve overall health. EDN contains more than 150 essential nutrients including 60 trace minerals found in Pacific sea salt. The formulation also contains Acai berry, green tea, Korean red ginseng, grape seed extract, and several fruits.

EDN is sold in one-ounce servings and is meant to be taken daily.

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  • Available directly from the manufacturer.
  • Products contain several clinically proven ingredients.
  • Money back guarantee offered.


  • Products are not specifically designed for weight loss.
  • Large number of products may be confusing to those trying to find the right one for them.
  • No conclusive clinical results of the efficacy of the products .


The Waiora products stand out amongst their competition for the amount of information provided to the customer on their website. We find that most nutritional supplements consumers like to know exactly what is going in their body and Waiora does an adequate job of explaining that. While the Waiora products may contribute to overall health, none are specifically designed to help with weight loss. Those looking for a weight loss aid should look for one that provides clinical results showing significant weight loss using the product.

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    I’ve used the edn and it is by far the best product I’ve had. As far as the cancer effect of this product, zeolights and such, I have 4 friends that did not do chemo therapy and used this product. They are all still alive and cancer free. It has been 6 years and they are still going with no signs of it coming back. Can’t say for sure if it works but that is all they used and I think that speaks for it in my mind.


  • 2
    Jacqueline Elizabeth Daniels

    Can you answer this question please I live in Australia and too hard to get the times right when we will both be awake. Thank you. Will Agarigold and Zeolite shrink tumours, maybe make them disappeare altogether, maybe cure cancer


  • 3
    Jacqueline Elizabeth Daniels

    Why can’t you just answer the question re cancer now instead of having to phone. I live in Australia so I have no intention of phoning you – too hard to find out what the hours are etc Pse will you give an answer to: Will Zeolite and Agarigold shrink and maybe even cure my cancer.


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    Have you tried this product yet?I


  • 5

    need to know where i can get your products.am in malaysia


  • 6
    miriam ballard

    is it possable to get a itch on my face from waiora


  • 7
    Pa Thor

    Does the Natural Cellular Defense and agariGold with H1X1 help fight cancer cells?


  • 8
    Pa Thor

    Does the natural cellular defense and AgariGold with H1X1 help fight against cancer cells?


    susan correa

    I will be happy to discuss your concerns about NCD and AgariGold and answer you questions – just call me at 402-333-7425