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A waist trimmer is an elastic band that fits snugly around the waist. Dieters can use the trimmer to make the midsection appear thinner and fit better in clothes. Some product manufacturers claim the waist trimmers will heat and restrict fat cells causing a physical slimming of the waist. This is not true.

There are more advanced versions of the basic weight trimmer, including heated, massage and electro-stimulation belts. Heated and massage belts have no effect on waist size. Electro-stimulation belts force muscles of the abdomen to contract, toning the muscles, but tone muscles are useless if there is a layer of fat between the skin and muscle surface.

The cost of a waist trimmer ranges from $10 to more than $100 depending on the model chosen.

List of Ingredients

Belt to trim waist line.

Product Features

Waist trimmers are found on a variety of websites and auctions sites. The most basic constricts with a thick elastic belt held in place with Velcro. The dieter can use a waist trimmer to appear thinner until weight loss helps them reach specific goals, but the waist trimmer will not permanently change the shape or size of the waist or melt away fat cells.

Some companies sell waist trimmers with special fat dissolving lotions that sink in through the skin. The body heat trapped under the waist trimmer is supposed to heat the lotion / area causing fat cells to dissolve. Most often, the lotions contain caffeine. The caffeine dehydrates the space between fat cells to reduce size of the waist, but only for a short while. Soon those spaces refill with water or fluid and normal size returns.

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  • May temporarily reduce the size of the waist.
  • May help a dieter fit into smaller clothing.
  • May slim the abdomen so the dieter appears thinner.
  • Some models cost as little as $10.


  • No proven effect on weight loss or fat loss.
  • Restricting the midsection will not cause fat cells to melt.
  • Some models cost more than $100.
  • Electro-stimulation waist trimmers will not cause weight loss.
  • Lotions often contain caffeine, causing temporary waist thinning.


The waist trimmer is a popular choice among dieters who want to instantly look slimmer. There are varieties for men and women, but most are sold for both genders. While the cost of a waist trimmer may seem small compared to other fitness equipment, the trimmer has no lasting effect on the waist. Restricting simply moves fat around and forces the abdominals flat. This allows the dieter to fit better in clothing, but the offending fat is still there when the waist trimmer is removed. Even pricy models do not have the same effect as weight loss.

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