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Walden Farms is a specialty food line that offers no calorie alternatives to popular foods and sauces. According to the official website, people choosing Walden Farms products over traditional choices can save up to 10,000 calories every month. Saving 10,000 calories adds up to about three pounds of weight loss per month. Over the course of a year, the dieter could lose more than 35 pounds.

Prices for Walden Farms foods are slightly higher than popular brands, but the cost is spread out over the month / year. Some of the most popular products include Carb Free sauces and condiments and calorie free chocolate syrup and fruit jams.

List of Ingredients

Food products offering lowering calorie and carbohydrate counts for dieters.

Product Features

Walden Farms offers an alternative to high calorie foods to reduce caloric intake and lose weight. The products are made with ingredients that create good tasting food products without the guilt. Customer reviews listed on the official website are consistently positive and often report significant weight loss.

All Walden Farms products start with purified filtered water. From there, artificial and natural flavors are added along with vegetable based thickeners to create the food product. Splenda, or sucralose, is the sweetener used in all Walden Farms products. While all products are listed as having 0 calories, there are trace calories in all ingredients. These trace calories could add up if the dieter uses more than the suggested serving size. Even with trace calories, Walden Farms products contain far less calories than popular full fat or full carbohydrate versions.

Walden Farms products are priced higher than other brands. Consumers can expect to pay $1 to $2 more for a no calorie version of most of the product. Select retail grocery stores carry Walden Farms products and online ordering is supported via the official website.

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  • No calorie foods can significantly reduce caloric intake.
  • Weight loss is supported with customer testimonials.
  • Higher prices are worth reduced calories.


  • Walden Farms products may be hard to find.
  • Artificial flavorings are often added to reproduce authentic flavors.
  • Only suggested serving sizes will contain 0 calories.


In order to lose weight, the dieter must decrease caloric intake and increase calorie burn. Proven fat burners can take care of the increased burn, but the dieter must change how they eat in order to lose weight and keep it off. Walden Farms is a good choice for reducing calories the easy way. All products contain minimal to 0 calories and users claim the foods taste just as good as the original or, at least, other diet varieties. Consumers also have the ability to order Walden Farms products online in bulk if they find one product they love.

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  • 1

    It’s not bad for calorie free. The ginger dressing is good but not as good as a couple of others. The ranch is fine. I found it thick and hard to get out of the bottle. But it is msg free so that works for me.


  • 2

    i think you need to come out with more stuff especially pasta i love all your stuff and iam losing weight.


  • 3
    Patriia Wilson

    I’ve bought quite a few of the Walden products. I’ve enjoyed them – some products better than others. And, basically all products that I’ve bought, better at different times than at other times. I would like to know if there is some constructive help that would shed some light about eliminated the strange taste that I find disrupts my enjoyment of these products. Thanks for your help!


  • 4
    Your Name

    If you are complaining about the taste of the pb and marashmellow sauces and want a real taste then eat the real stuff. If you want zero everything then these products are great! It’s all about perspective and what you really want to achieve


    Your Name

    I completely agree. I use their products all the time. I am thrilled there is a product out there that I can add to my food without all the calories and carbs. Some of their products are as good as the real deal. Its a matter of taste. But its a personal choice, and I choose no calories 🙂


  • 5
    Pat Parker

    I heard of your program from a friend and I need to lose and keep off fifty pounds, for health reasons how can I get into your program?


  • 6
    Donna Holmes

    Love the balsamic vinegar dressing and the honey mustard dressing we use it for dip also .my 12 year old granddaughter loves the honey mustard also!!!


  • 7

    Cant say enough good things. Tried so many times to successfully diet. Since I found W.F. January 19–I have lost 34 lbs. Yes I have made different choices as well but these wonderful products keep me legal!!! Life long customer for sure!! Love You W.F.!!!!


  • 8

    I was lucky enough to find these on clearance or else I
    Would have never known about them because they are not located
    With the dressing aisle. They are in the gluten free. I was excited
    About the zero calories but it does have 220 sodium per serving
    It has to have flavor right? My favorite is the thousand island at $1.69. They just went in sale for $2.50 and I’m anxious to try the raspberry and sugar free bacon one. Being a diabetic has daily challenges and this in part of eating and exercise has helped me lose almost 30 pounds. It’s a great tool and I’m so glad I found this product. Yes it is runny and no it goes not have any calories. Thank you for making this product!!!


  • 9

    Does anyone know what vegetable fiber is made from. I’m allergic to a lot of vegetables and need to know which vegetables are used to get vegetable fiber. I can’t seen to get a response from WF.


  • 10
    Edward Chauvin

    Enjoy your salad dressings! Yum. Donot like the peanut spread, however. No taste or texture.


    Edward Chauvin


  • 11

    I mix the peanut butter with PB2 from Belle Plantation (powdered peanut butter) and it tastes fantastic.



    PB2 rules!!



    How much PB2 does it take? Mine still tastes like poison. :/


  • 12

    I use the choc dip and choc sauce on strawberries – great! Also like the raspberry vinaigrette on spinach and mushroom salad. Just found the tomato basil sauce and garlic herb so looking forward to trying them.


  • 13

    Just tried the Wladen Farms Honey Mustard. YUCK!!!! Very Gross. I bought alot of different products from them. I hope some of the other stuff I bought is better.


  • 14

    I love the Walden Farms Cesear, Thousand Island, and Ranch dressings. I have also lost 15 pounds (with moderate exercise). The products are a little “runny” but taste good. I plan to order the products on line due to my grocery store will no longer carry the products.



    Here is a good place to order online from, they also have good prices on shipping.


  • 15

    Love the Walden Farms products. Most of products are great! Have lost 25 pounds and will continue to use these products. Where can I get coupons for theses products?


  • 16
    Jeanne Antantis

    I’m a diabetic and without WALDEN FARMS, I would be on insulin. Not only that, but I’ve lost 60 pounds using it. YOU ARE GREAT; PLEASE CONTINUE!!!



    I bought the Cholate Syrup for an Ice Cream Party for my diabetic Daughter to use. We were excited to find it, will keep looking for other items. THANK YOU


  • 17

    I LOVE walden Farms SUN DRIED TOMATO dressing. I buy it on the web by the case because my grocery stores only carry a few bottles at a time, and I buy them out. I like some of the other dressings, and the PB and the chocolate dip, but the sun dried Italian Salad dressing is WONDERFUL. Since I use so much, I’d like to find out the cal. carb, pro and fiber count in say 1/2 cup. I know the 2T serving is “0”


  • 18

    In Alaska I pay $5.19 per bottle and it’s well worth it. I’ve lost 65 pounds and plan to continue using Walden Labs products when I’m at goal. Our problem is that we have a limited selection.


  • 19

    where in the cleveland oh area is waldens katsup,mustard and BBQ sauce sold.


  • 20
    Rob G

    Most of these products my wife and I really like. The russian, the ranch, the apple butter dip, the asian dressing, the ginger dressings are all great.
    The marshmarrow dip..what are you guys all eating, we love this stuff! We put it on jello and other fruits…MAN its awesome.
    The chocolate, meh, not so good, and the apricot dip doesnt have enough flavor.

    I only wish they would make a cheese type seasoning or dressing, would be perfect.


  • 21

    Purchased a bottle of Ranch salad dressing, and a bottle of Honey Mustard. Now don’t get me wrong, low/no calorie goods are supposed to be “similar” in taste to what they are trying to replace…. but quite honestly these both taste the same. I first thought of battery acid taste (I am a mechanic, we taste these kind of things) but I’ve come to a decision it’s more of a crushed up aspirin flavor. I can’t get past just a small taste of these two horrible products. At $3.99 per bottle you are better off going without dressing at all.

    Ironically I purchased these at a Fresh Market who refuses to take back the product. I have no response from Walden farms on their 100% satisfaction guarantee.


  • 22

    I got an amazon.com gift certificate for Christmas, so I purchased the Walden Farms chocolate dip, marshmallow dip, caramel dip, peanut butter, and chocolate syrup, and the chocolate dip was the only one that I could put into my mouth without gagging. I’d have to say that the peanut butter and the marshmallow dip were the worst of all of the items. And the worst part? I was so excited to get the items that I wasted a gazillion bucks on expedited shipping!

    The texture of the items was the same – a gelatin-like mass of…I don’t know. I figured that perhaps if I could smooth out the texture, they would be more palatable. I spooned each of them out into small bowls and stirred them up with a spoon. The texture evened out okay, and was somewhat more palatable after that, but good god, I simply could not get used to the taste!

    The marshmallow, upon removing the cover, exuded this smell that I recognized but could not quite place. It smelled like something you would find in a craft store. Food should not smell like that. When I tasted it, it had this odd salty taste, rather than sweet, as did the caramel dip.

    I spent 40 bucks in total, and 20 minutes after receiving my long-awaited items, they are sitting in the trash can.

    Do not waste your money on this.


  • 23

    I stumbled into the Walden Farms brand by sheer accident while looking for a low carb dressing that would add a little taste to my Adkins menu. While the dressings do seem a little “runny”, they do quite well for their intended purpose. I absolutly love the spicy BBQ sauce and use it all the time now. I hope to add other Walden Farm products to my diet as I continue my trek towards a healthier lifestyle and continued weight loss.


  • 24
    Stella Kawaauhau

    I am pleased with most of the products. Sometimes needs to be doctored to taste better, but I’m glad these are availabel in Hawaii where nothing usually is.



    hey stella kawaauhau. I live in hawaii I was curious where you bought the products? contact asap by email thank you.



    Yes, I want to know where on Oahu can I find Walden Farm products.


    natalie Speedracer

    yes, where on oahu?


  • 25

    You know ! If you are trying to lose weight,nothing is going to tast the same as what u r used to.I have tryed Waldens Blue Cheese and many other products of theres. AND I have found them to be top of the line counting cals and tast : texture is NOT BAD :in fact I was so impressed by the tast that ,the testure went down like gooooodd!Really!! WEIGH THE THE ODDS :YOU CANT HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO! and if u want your cake and eat it too ! GET WALDENS



    I agree, for having ZERO calories (or even trace amounts) these products taste just fine. There is no way I would expect them to taste the same as a full-calorie version, that would be ridiculous of me. I’d say they are definitely worth it. I’m not a big fan of the bacon ranch dressing or the fruit spreads per se, but I can definitely live with the others.


  • 26
    Chaplain Lily Kerr

    I’m an ex-marketing and promo person, and I hate to burst your bubble, BUT… your marshmallow dip is about the worst thing I’ve ever put in my mouth – and I’ve had an awful lot of things in there over the years. I’ll eat just about anything. I don’t know about the rest of your products, but I’ll be returning this to my Publix as well, here in Naples, because the product wasn’t cheap, as you know. It’s like, slimy, waxy, no taste at all – not even sweet, heavy. I know what it reminds me of! Putty you put around the tub. When I opened it, and put a spoon in it, I was alone and I could feel my eyes scrunching like in a squint, and I feel that way now writing to you. Your salad dressings have a bit of that slime, putty feel, but I can get a couple of them down and do buy them. I’ll bet this was a tug of war in the R&D room. Whoever said, “don’t,” ought to get a promotion. I vote the boss said, “go with it,” and nobody wanted to tell him the truth in love. Well, I will. Blessings. 🙂


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