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Walk Away The Pounds is an exercise program on DVD or VHS. The program provides a 1 Mile walk, 2 Mile High Calorie Burn walk, or 3 Mile Super Fat Burning walk you can do from the comfort of your own home.


The Walk Away The Pounds workouts do not provide specific weight loss plans or dietary restrictions, but rather provides an easy, comfortable workout for beginners to do from their homes.

Product Features

The Walk Away The Pounds workouts provide a “safe, easy and fun walking program” for anyone from beginner to even the most fit. There are workouts that range between 15 minutes for the 1 Mile Walk, 30 minutes for the 2 Mile Walk, and 45 minutes for the 3 Mile Walk, so the workouts can be fit into the busiest schedules. There are no limits to when you can walk with the programs as they are used indoors within the comfort and privacy of your own home.

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  • The Walk Away The Pounds workouts can be used any time of the day in the privacy of your own home.
  • Walk Away The Pounds provides easy walks for beginners and fits into busy schedules by including a 15 minute, a 30 minute, and a 45 minute workout.


  • The Walk Away The Pounds DVD’s and VHS tapes do not come with any of the extra items such as the weighted balls, the wrist weights, or even the resistance bands that you may need with some of the programs.
  • The Walk Away The Pounds workouts are repetitive and eventually the consumer may lose interest in the program or simply build up a resistance to them and need to seek other program alternatives.
  • Reviews from consumers are available and the more fit consumers tend to not find this product challenging enough for them.


Overall, this product is designed well and made to fit into the schedules of the super busy. The Walk Away The Pounds workouts are safe and easy and based on the reviews and customer testimonials. The general feel from the testimonials is one of efficacy. The DVD’s and VHS tapes are affordable priced between $12 and $20 based on the type of program the consumer chooses. The only downside to the Walk Away The Pounds programs are that some require hand weights, weighted balls, wrist weights, and sometimes resistance bands that need to be purchased separately and can become a little more costly depending on the type of product you need. We agree that other than the extra products, this program is good because it is more motivating for the obese and/or beginning exercisers.

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7 User Reviews about Walk Away The Pounds

  • 1

    I love the walking workouts because I can do them in the privacy of my own home. Can you tell me how many calories are burned with the 1-mile and 2-mile workouts? Thanks.


  • 2
    Miss K

    I did walk away the pounds for a while. It really does work. I combined it with Weight watchers and dropped 40 pounds in approx. 4 months. I am proof that it does work. I quit and quit dieting and the weight came back, but I am determined to get my butt back in gear. It’s time. I have tried other exercise videos and get discouraged. I guess I am not so flexible and fast. But I can handle Leslie’s walking videos. There are a bunch of older ones and newer ones so you can stay motivated. Check out her on youtube to get an idea of what it is like. It works and I highly recommend it.


  • 3
    hollis manor

    not much results for me, i like the 2 mile tape, i’ve been using it for 2 months what do i do! i’ve had the tape for 2 months, use it daily


  • 4

    i really need help. I want to lose about 70 lbs. I have been doing the one mile walk and 2 mile walk. I love it but so far i have only lost 1 lb. i love it because it is easy and simple to follow. Do you have a diet that can go with this program and portion sizes?


  • 5

    I committed to Walk Away the Pounds for 6 months, and did it faithfully 6 days a week. I did the 3 mile walk, and dieted at the same time. I lost 38 lbs, and I lost inches all over. I loved this because I hate exercising in front of other people, so I am not a gym person. I just waited until the kids were in school, and I did my exercising right in the privacy of my own family room. I found it to be very challenging because I bought 6 different DVD’s, so each one has different music & different moves. This is a great way to lose weight & tone. It is definitely more challenging than just walking outside, and you use way more muscles all over your body. My husband came in once & made fun of me, bouncing around the room & imitating the moves. I challenged him to stay & do it with me for 5 minutes, and he pooped out! He told me he had a whole new respect for it, and doesn’t make fun of it anymore. He also loves how I look! I love it, and still use it!


  • 6

    want to lose weight


  • 7

    What additional equipment is needed for this program?