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The Walker Diet is based on a reduced carbohydrate intake not unlike the Atkins diet. The diet first become popular after low carbohydrate dieters started losing weight on Dr. Atkins plan. Dr. Walker chose to modify the plan and introduce his own line of bars and shakes that could be used to increase weight loss. There is little doubt that a low carbohydrate diet plan causes weight loss, but many dieters find following a low carbohydrate diet difficult due to the restrictive guidelines.

Information on the Walker Diet can be found online. There was once an official website for the Walker Diet, but the website is no longer functional. Without an official website, dieters must rely on unofficial information about the plan and second hand sources for approved foods.

List of Ingredients

Eggs, meat, low carbohydrate bars and shakes and select vegetables.

Product Features

Unlike the Atkins diet, the Walker Diet emphasizes eating lean meats and low fat alternatives in addition to reducing carbohydrate intake. Eating a low carbohydrate diet and reducing fat can lead to intense hunger. One of the reasons the Atkins diet works so well is due to the high fat intake that causes the dieter to feel a bit nauseous at first and then leaves them with little or no appetite while carbohydrates are kept below a certain level.

People who spoke out against the high fat version of the low carbohydrate diet were shocked when a study was published revealing lower cholesterol levels and improved heart health in dieters who followed the high fat plan. While the Walker Diet supports eating healthy foods and organic alternatives, bars and shakes are filled with synthetic ingredients. This is a contradiction to the root beliefs of the diet.

Foods approved for use with the Walker Diet can be found for sale online. Prices range from $10 to $20 depending on the product ordered.

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  • Lowering carbohydrates can increase weight loss.
  • Information on the diet can be found online.
  • Prices for products are comparable to other low carbohydrate products.


  • Eating low carbohydrate and low fat can lead to hunger.
  • Bars and shakes have synthetic ingredients.
  • Dr. Walker supports dieters who buy his products only.


Eating a low carbohydrate diet means leaving behind foods like rice, pasta and bread. For some dieters, this choice is one they are not willing to stick with over the time it takes to lose weight. Unlike the Atkins diet, weight loss is not a result of ketosis as higher fat intake is not there to trigger fat burn for energy. Dieters may have better luck following a traditional low carbohydrate diet and taking a proven fat burner to lose weight.

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