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WalkFit provides orthotic support for people with lower body alignment problems and joint pain. The insoles can be placed in any shoe to align the body. Once aligned, pressure on the joints from improper posture is relieved. In addition to orthotic shoe insoles, WalkFit also provides Joint Support Supplements, sandal inserts and peppermint lotion with the complete kit. If a dieter is having pain in the lower body, it can be hard to complete exercise for weight loss. Lower body muscles are the largest in the body and are crucial to overall fitness and cardiovascular health. The WalkFit kit sells for just $19.95 plus shipping and handling.

List of Ingredients

Customization arch inserts, sandal adaptor, peppermint lotion, instruction guide and joint support formula supplement.

Product Features

WalkFit orthotics work in nearly every shoe with the exception of shoes that are tight on the foot. Three heights are included in the WalkFit kit – Low, Medium and High. Users should start on low and work up to medium and then high as needed. The idea is to correct the position of the foot gradually. At first, users should only wear shoes with the orthotics for one hour per day. As the WalkFit orthotics become comfortable, increase the time worn by one hour per day. After a few weeks, users can choose to take out the low orthotic and replace it with the medium orthotic and start the process all over again.

WalkFit is not a fitness insert. It is an insert that helps to reduce foot and lower leg pain and improve circulation. This categorizes the WalkFit insert as more health related than fitness related. However, according to the literature on the WalkFit website, the weight of the body is often distributed on certain parts of the foot more than others. With the WalkFit insoles, the weight is evenly distributed which could help ease foot pain associated with being overweight or obese.

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  • WalkFit insoles are affordably priced.
  • Insoles can help redistribute weight to ease leg and foot pain.


  • WalkFit insoles will not increase weight loss.
  • Insoles can take time to get used to.
  • Pain can occur if insoles are worn too long.


WalkFit insoles are made for people who suffer from foot and leg pain. If the dieter does not have this problem, there is little reason to go through the breaking in process, which can take weeks. In terms of losing more weight, WalkFit does not provide any support though the name makes it appear to be a fitness product. The dieter who does not suffer from lower body pain, will likely have more luck with a proven fat burner taken in place of wearing the WalkFit insoles.

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4 User Reviews about WalkFit

  • 1
    walter vater

    On april5 I sent in a cracked pair with $5.95. Six wek later and I have not received a replacement pair.


  • 2

    Upon receiving my walkfit insoles,I noticed an asterisk on my reciept stating” an additional $18.95 would be charged to my account per our agreement” the only thing I agreed to is 1 pair of walkfit insoles. SCAM!!!!!


  • 3
    michael sousa

    is walkfit ideal for heel spurs


  • 4
    Aileen Nichols

    Could I please get someone in the USA to speak too about the peppermint lotion, included with the Light Relief I purchased? I have had excellent results with my psoriasis on my hand and would like to contact those who manufacture this product with hopes of helping the many people who cannot find any that seems to work with this problem. Please do not send me to India again, as I have attempted to speak to them to get information, only to be talked to rudely by 3 or the 4 people with whom I came into contact.
    Thank you and hope to get a response, leading me to the proper department or manufacturer of the Peppermint Lotion distributed by Walk Fit.