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The Wall Street Diet: The Surprisingly Simple Weight Loss Plan for Hardworking People Who Don’t Have Time to Diet is a book written by dietician Heather Bauer. She wrote the book to help people who are always on the go, who are too busy to diet, who live a lifestyle like those on Wall Street, learn how to lose weight and live healthy in spite of their fast paced life.

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The Wall Street Diet offers a variety of styles and solutions for people who want to lose a little weight, as well as those who want to just make their way through an event dinner with multiple high calorie courses. The first part of the book gives you a quiz to help you determine if you are a controlled eater, or a member of the Clean Plate Club. The diet you will follow is based on the answer you come with here. This book does not really give you any new information you have not already heard before, but will offer practical tips, tricks, and other advice to help you handle the obstacles associated with the fast paced lifestyle of having to live by airport food, hotel food, and fast food most of the time. You’ll also get tips to help lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle while also maintaining a workaholic lifestyle. She addresses how difficult exercise can be when you are leading such a lifestyle, but gives advice on how to do a 20 minute exercise routine at least three times a week.

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  • The Wall Street Diet helps educate people on how to make healthy eating choices.
  • This diet does not focus on deprivation.


  • The Wall Street Diet is tailored to people who work and work a lot.
  • This does not really offer any new diet and nutrition information.
  • There are no meal plans or recipes.
  • Eating fewer calories does not mean your diet is actually any healthier, as it can still be packed full of fat, salt, and refined carbohydrates.


The Wall Street Diet focuses on leading a healthier lifestyle without having to spend time on meal preparation, counting calories, or working out in the gym. It is focused on people who work a lot, who do not have the time it traditionally takes to lead a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise. It doesn’t provide any new information, and may not really help you. The best thing to do is follow a reduced calorie balanced diet, while taking time to workout on a regular basis, using both cardio and strength training exercises. To boost your efforts, also consider taking a clinically proven appetite suppressant and/fat burner.

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