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Warner J.W. Fan wrote The Manual of Chinese Herbal Medicine. The book explains the basic beliefs of Chinese herbal medicine and how illnesses are diagnosed and treated with herbs. The dieter may not be able to use the medicinal information, but many Chinese herbs used to treat illnesses are the same herbs used in weight loss supplements. Having a guide with detailed explanations of commonly used herbs could come in handy when choosing weight loss products or researching proprietary blends.

The Manual of Chinese Herbal Medicine by Warner J.W. Fan sells for $29.95. The book has been in print since 2003 so used copies may also be available online for a reduced price.

List of Ingredients

350 pages of Chinese herb definitions and uses.

Product Features

Warner J.W. Fan was a practicing pediatrician for many years. After retiring in Silver Spring, Maryland – the doctor chose to write a “Merck” manual of Chinese medicine. His book contains case studies pertaining to Chinese herbs, illness definitions and common herbal remedies used to treat illnesses.

Dieters can use the manual to research ingredients commonly used in diet pills or find out more about natural supplements they are currently taking. Alternative medicine has grown in popularity among the general public in the last decade. Doctors practicing traditional medicine are also seeing the health benefits of natural alternatives to prescription medications as well.

Typically, weight loss supplements will include proven ingredients that increase metabolism. The most common is green tea. Information on Warner J.W. Fan and his manual of Chinese herbs do not list specific herbs described in the book, but green tea is one of the most popular and well researched so dieters can assume it will be included.

Understanding the power of Chinese herbs is crucial to making informed decisions about supplementation. However, not every supplement explained in the Chinese herb manual by Warner J.W. Fan will be safe for daily use. It is important to read information from a variety of sources to get a well rounded picture of herbal supplements.

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  • The book is affordable.
  • Learning about alternative therapies and choices can benefit the dieter.
  • Most weight loss supplements will be based on Chinese herbal medicine.


  • Some of the information could be confusing to the dieter.
  • Taking alternative supplements is not for everyone.
  • Just because an alternative therapy exists does not mean it can be taken in conjunction with current medications or supplements.


Knowledge is key when choosing a proven weight loss product. Warner J.W. Fan does a great job of explaining basic Chinese herbal medicine to the masses. Today, however, there are research studies and clinical trials performed on many herbal ingredients. These studies are up-to-date and relevant to the effectiveness of many herbal products.

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