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Warrior Yoga is an intense form of yoga designed for the martial arts student. Exercises, classes, positions and poses are based on martial arts concepts. Dieters without a martial arts background may want to choose a different form of yoga that is ideal for beginners. Experts in Warrior Yoga feel the exercise heals the body and mind. Each move is linked to the next in a rhythm to aid in flow and transition.

The official website for Warrior Yoga explains the martial arts concepts behind Warrior Yoga. The moves used in the exercise are advanced and intense. Beginners need to learn the basics of yoga before moving into an advanced mode such as Warrior Yoga.

List of Ingredients

Yoga for martial arts.

Product Features

Warrior Yoga is based on seven principles – Lift Motion, Drop Motion, Linear Motion, Circular Motion, Cross Motion, Continuous Motion and No Motion. It is also based on seven concepts – Balance, Distance, Vision, Precision, Rhythm, Transition and Breath. The seven poses used in a Warrior Yoga class include lengthening, strengthening, balancing, detoxifying, finishing, restorative and meditative.

Warrior Yoga is also based on five breaths and five steps. The five breaths are the three-part breath, heating breath, rhythmic breath, fire breath and releasing breath. The steps are purification, illumination, manifestation, liberation and union.

After learning the sevens and fives, the Warrior Yoga student must still read the Warrior Yoga handbook, available free from the official website. There are several instructors listed on the official website, including Sensei Jeremy Corbell. While no physical classes are listed, several Warrior Yoga DVDs are available. The videos are used in conjunction with UFC and other forms of martial arts training.

DVDs of Warrior Yoga instruction retail for $30 each.

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  • Yoga designed for the extreme athlete.
  • May improve martial arts balance and fitness level.
  • The official website sells DVDs directly.


  • No information on physical classes.
  • Looks like it is designed for men.
  • The DVDs are more expensive than other yoga workouts.
  • Not designed for a beginner just learning yoga.


Martial arts is like a physical dance of moves. The sport requires balance, strength and flexibility – three aspects of yoga. Warrior Yoga was designed for the marital artist to focus on the most important part of the sport – melding the mind, body and soul. This program is not for the average Yogi who wants to spark up the daily workout. Poses, breathing exercises and instruction is tailored to the marital artist and UFC competitor. There are various quotes from martial arts professionals on the website, but no testimonials from the average buyer. We found no information on classes or the gym location where new students can enroll.

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