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Have you ever wanted to take a trip to the Caribbean? Thanks to the HCG Medical company, you can compete to win that trip and a slew of other prizes. Watch Us Shrink is an online weight loss game show / competition sponsored by HCG Medical. The company promises patients they can lose 30 pounds in 30 days and even allows them to compete with other dieters for the grand prize. Behind the diet is a series of HCG injections that force the body to use fat instead of other sources of energy. In reality, HCG injections are paired with an extremely low calorie diet, typically 500 calories a day or less, and exercise. Dieters are bound to lose weight, but keeping that weight off after returning to a normal diet is nearly impossible. HCG injections have been clinically tested for weight loss benefits. The tests found no benefits associated with HCG.

List of Ingredients

Weight loss competition sponsored by HCG Medical.

Product Features

Each of the contestants on Watch Us Shrink uploads a bio and pictures. Visitors can register for the website and vote for the “biggest loser” who will eventually win the grand prize. Some of the contestant bios lead to inaccessible pages on the website. There are no dates associated with the contest, so we have no idea when it started or when it concludes, but the official website is currently taking registrations for the contest.

We assume the dieter must be taking HCG injections from HCG Medical to compete. HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is a pregnancy hormone. Clinical testing proves HCG injections are not beneficial for weight loss. Participants in one study lost no more weight on HCG injections than the placebo group. If HCG caused fat loss, every pregnant woman on earth would be extremely thin.

There are two rounds of HCG injections offered by HCG Medical. The first round lasts about 35 days and is paired with a very low calorie diet. After a six week rest period, the dieter goes through another round of injections.

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  • Contestants win prizes for gaining visitor votes.
  • Before and after photos are listed on the Watch Us Shrink website.


  • HCG injections do not promote weight loss or fat loss.
  • Some of the bios are not accessible.
  • There is no start or end date for the competition.
  • Visitors must register to vote.


HCG weight loss is a fad solution started by Dr. A.W. Simeons. There are many varieties of the diet, but all force the dieter to eat 500 calories or fewer after spending two days engorging on food. Clinical testing proves HCG injections are not a reliable option for weight loss.

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