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The Water Diet is not really a diet like others. The whole idea behind it is that you drink water, at least 64 ounces of water each day in addition to the normal fluids you drink. Very little information on the Water diet is available. The information we found on the diet comes from Institute for Psychoactive Research and has a copyright date of 1997.

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The Water Diet is nothing more than making sure that you drink the recommended 64 ounces water per day, in eight, eight ounce glasses. It is suggested you drink this in addition to the other fluids you take in. You should not chug the glasses of water, but drink them throughout the day. Keep the water cool because it will take calories to warm it up. The discomfort of bloating and running in and out of the bathroom will pass after a few days as your body gets used to the fluid levels. The people behind the Water Diet say you should drink this much water every day for the rest of your life to improve the way you feel.

The Water Diet says that the water you drink does not matter. It could be tap water, bottled water, purified water, or steam iron water. As long as you are drinking water, that is what matters. As long as you stay away from any water that is not safe to drink, you are doing just fine by the Water Diet. The slightly disturbing thing is it suggests rain water, if that is the only thing you have access to in your community. It does mention not to add ice cubes to your water to try to increase the intake, not to chew on ice to make up for drinking the water, and not to inhale steam to to try to increase the water intake.

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  • No expense. Just drink water.


  • Does not promote healthy living or exercise.
  • Most people will spend a lot of time in the bathroom.
  • Does not do much to promote weight loss.


This really is not a diet. This is nothing more than common sense about the water one should be drinking. While this will help you lose weight by cleansing your body of toxins and likely replaces the fluids you usually drink, it will not do anything remarkable, and most of the weight you will lose will not be fat, which is what you need for good weight loss. The fact that this could be considered a diet is laughable.

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4 User Reviews about Water Diet

  • 1

    I know it’s been a while since you wrote your post but I’m wondering are you still on the water diet and did you actually diet and excersise? I’m thinking about doing it!


  • 2

    it’s me again….i have been on the water diet for about a month now…when i started the diet i was wearing a size 18/20 wide (i was a big girl) i have to say now as im sitting here typing this im back in a size 16w comfortable – i love this diet & plan on making it a life style change


  • 3

    i have been trying this for about a week now & it works….i feel vibrant w/ lots of energy & i have lost lots of weight in just 2 weeks…i was on the last notch with my bra now im back to the 1st notch & thinking i might need to look at finding a smaller bra size…the water diet is excellent & it’s easy to do…it is worth trying. it does causes u to loose weight because u don’t crave anything


  • 4
    Tony Wool

    The point is much simpler, drinking a couple of glasses of water before you eat calms the appetite and we eat less.