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Wave Fitness by the Firm is a combination DVD and fitness equipment set offered by The Firm. The company is known for workout videos and fad fitness equipment. The Wave is a half-circle step used during Wave workouts. The user steps on the Wave and rocks their way to fitness and weight loss. The Firm is a trusted name in fitness, but Wave Fitness by The Firm is not any more effective than other aerobic workouts. The program is intense and may not be suitable for beginners or dieters who are extremely overweight.

List of Ingredients

The Wave, Firm Videos, Workout Chart.

Product Features

Wave Fitness by The Firm is a combination of cardio and weight training in one exercise. The method is called Synergy Training and is used in the home gym in South Carolina. The exercise package includes everything the dieter needs to workout in the comfort of their own home just as the dieters workout in the home gym. Home workouts are not as effective, however, because dieters can easily turn off the DVD and choose not to complete the workout when they grow tired. Dedication and honesty is needed to achieve results.

The Firm backs the Wave Fitness program 100-percent. Dieters are given a 10 workout promise. If a dieter does not see changes in the body in just 10 workouts, they can request a refund of the purchase price. The dieter must workout once a day to achieve the results as noted.

Wave Fitness by the Firm is available at major retailers like Walmart for about $40. The package comes with multiple workout DVDs and a mat to use during workouts. The price is comparable to other workout packages.

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  • Works cardio and strength training simultaneously.
  • Dieters receive everything they need in the Wave Fitness by The Firm package.
  • Workouts are based on home gym classes.
  • Cost is comparable to other programs.
  • Equipment is backed with a money-back guarantee.


  • May be too intense for some dieters.
  • We did not find a weight limit for the Wave.
  • Dieters could fall if they are not able to balance on the rocking step.
  • No diet is associated with Wave Fitness by The Firm.


Working out at home is a viable choice for weight loss as long as the dieter has the dedication to stick with it. The Wave Fitness by The Firm package is an intense exercise program that could cause pain in as little as one workout. The workout is backed with a money-back guarantee so the dieter just has to workout 10 times with the Wave to see results or they get a full refund. The price is right, but the diet is missing.

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