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Waximaize is a pre-workout shake mix by Innovative Delivery Systems (IDS). IDs is responsible for fat loss, creatine and workout based nutritional shakes and supplements. Waximaize comes in a variety of flavors. The powdered drink mix is prepared and taken before working out to increase energy and reduce water and fluid resting between the skin and muscle layers. Typically, supplements claiming to reduce water contain strong diuretics, but none could be found in the Waximaize ingredient list.

Waximaize can be purchased directly from IDS or from third party websites. The IDS website can be a bit difficult to navigate as products are listed in several categories like bodybuilding, men’s fitness and women’s fitness. Some of the products crossover between more than one category.

List of Ingredients

Waxy Maize (Amylopectin), Natural and Artificial Flavors, Acesulfame Potassium and Sucralose.

Product Features

There is only one ingredient in Waximaize, amylopectin. The other listed ingredients are just flavorings or artificial sweeteners and will have no effect on the body to increase energy or decrease water. Amylopectin is broken down with the aid of amylase in the body when cells need energy. We could find no information on reducing water or fluid in the body as a result of taking amylopectin.

Basically, amylopectin is a corn based starch that is used by the body for energy. While the Waximaize supplement could increase energy levels slightly, there will be no real effect on weight loss or fat burn as a result of taking the supplement. Typically, carbohydrate shakes are taken after a workout to help move protein to the recovering muscle. Pre-workout shakes are often filled with stimulants and vaso-dilators. IDS offers these products, but not in the Waximaize pre-workout shake.

Waximaize sells for $29.95 for 1.85 pounds. A larger 5 pound container is also available for $49.95. We could find no proven benefit from taking amylopectin before a workout.

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  • The shakes are available in a variety of flavors.
  • If added to a posts-workout protein shake, carbohydrates could increase protein delivery to the muscle.


  • The Waximaize price is a bit high for a carbohydrate supplement.
  • Claims of reducing water or fluid in between the skin and muscle layers is not founded.
  • No clinical proof the product works to increase fitness or muscle mass could be found.
  • There are no testimonials for the product on the IDS website.
  • Product ingredients were pulled from a third party website.


Fitness is an important part of weight loss. If a pre-workout shake is desired, the dieter may find a stimulant based supplement could increase energy enough to prolong a workout and increase metabolism. Waximaize does not offer these benefits. The only thing Waximaize offers is additional calories to burn off in the gym.

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