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The WebMD Weight Loss Clinic is an online resource for dieters who want help losing weight. The program offers information on healthy weight loss and a vast library of articles published on WebMD. According to the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic, dieters have to face more than just struggles with hunger and eating choices in order to lose weight. The program offers a profile, interactive tools and menu planners.

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Online tools, weight loss information and support.

Product Features

The WebMD Weight Loss Clinic provides online support for dieters. The program includes meal and snack tracking as well as daily journaling. Experts believe keeping a food journal is crucial to the success of any weight loss journey. Food journals allow dieters to take a look at the foods they are consuming daily and analyze the calorie, protein, carbohydrate and fat totals of daily meals. With this information, dieters can see the problems areas and narrow down the best choices to change how they eat to lose more weight.

Unfortunately, all the information in the world provided by the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic will not support a dieter feeling hungry between meals or fighting with a slow metabolism. Dieting is a careful balance between what nature provides and what science can help. There is no mention of fat burners or weight loss supplements in the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic literature. Today, proven weight loss supplements are the cornerstone of losing weight. The WebMD Weight Loss Clinic used to cost $4.99 a week or $64.87 a quarter. Today, it seems the website has chosen to make all tools and articles free to the public.

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  • Free access to hundreds of weight loss articles.
  • Dieters can find recipes and track calories online.
  • Informative articles are often researched by doctors.


  • No mention of weight loss supplements could be found supported by WebMD.
  • WebMD Weight Loss Clinic is not longer a designated portion of the website.
  • Diet evaluation tools and personal diet planners do not seem to be available with the free version.


WebMD is a resource open to the public with hundreds of articles on healthy ways to lose weight. The website offers information on good diets and bad diets, which is a well rounded approach to dieting research. While doctors often contribute information to the website, the WebMD Weight Loss Clinic does not offer personal support or methods of reducing hunger other than eating high protein foods and increasing fiber and water intake. Much of the information found on the website is common knowledge, which is not what the dieter needs. Weight loss supplements are available today backed with clinical research proving they help dieters lose more weight.

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    Annie Joyner

    I know exercise is good when try to loss weight,my knees are so bad. I had them x-ray it bone on bone, no caritlage left at all. It hurt to walk and get up out of a chair. I have used Sensa but it donot working for me. Please help. Thank you