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The Wedding Day Diet is a diet specifically built for brides who are trying to get in shape for their big day. It is an ebook that provides a step-by-step, day-by-day plan to help brides-to-be reach their weight loss and fitness goals by their wedding day. The plan claims to help you lose up to nine pounds a week while following it, by using a combination of food, exercise, and other tips and tricks to help you shed the pounds. Some of these tricks involve ways to make yourself look slim without any food being involved.

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The Wedding Day Diet day-by-day plan involves eating a lot of fresh vegetables as well as other low glycemic foods that will help you feel full and nourished without any high spikes in your blood sugar levels. The ebook will teach you the right kinds of carbs to eat and when to eat them to get the most energy and least amount of sugar conversion to lead to fat gain. There is also a tip to learn how to combine coffee with a certain vitamin that will help supercharge your cells so your metabolism revs and you are burning more fat on your own. The Wedding Day Diet also allows for cheat days and meals so you don’t feel deprived and start getting the dieting blues. You will also get exercise advice, which uses a mixture of cardio, strength training, and yoga moves, to keep your body guessing and your metabolism working for you. The main idea of the exercise program is that you are likely using too much cardio and this will hinder your weight loss efforts. When you purchase the book, you will get some fitness bonuses to help you out.

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  • The Wedding Day Diet is instantly available due to the ebook format.
  • The program provides many non-diet and exercise based slimming tricks to help you look good for your big day.


  • The Wedding Day Diet calls for rapid weight loss that could lead to rebound weight gain.
  • Weight loss claims are highly exaggerated.
  • The herbal supplement recommendations are not necessarily safe.
  • This program is targeted only at brides.


The Wedding Day Diet provides a good foundation for diet and exercise, and you will have to closely watch what you eat while you are following this program. The weight loss results may be true, but the fact of the matter is any weight loss of more than two to three pounds a week is not healthy. It is likely that you will regain most if not all of the weight you lose while on the program when you stop following the recommendations.

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