Wedding Weight Loss Tips

Wedding Weight Loss

Can You Slim Down Before Saying, I Do?

Whether the wedding you are planning is your first, second or fifth – there is nothing more important than feeling like a princess, or prince, on that eventful day. All eyes are on the bride and groom which makes weight loss for wedding all the more important. There are three crucial steps to planning a wedding weight loss diet.

Finding the Best Diet Plan

In many cases, weight loss before wedding starts at just 8 weeks before walking down the aisle. The average weight loss per week is only two pounds, but with the right wedding weight loss program, that average can be increased dramatically. Quick wedding weight loss starts with a fat burning diet consisting of low carbohydrates and high calorie burn. Extremely low carbohydrate diets often kick in fat burn faster which allows for high weight loss totals in a short amount of time. Research studies support using a very low carbohydrate diet for long term, but bride and groom will only need to skimp on the carbs during the pre wedding weight loss.

If carbohydrates are important to the everyday menu, calorie reduction and increased exercise is the next best choice. Wedding weight loss plans with reduced calories often provide less vitamins and minerals to the body and thus a multi-vitamin is important for overall health on wedding day. Fast wedding weight loss diets may include about 1200 calories per day for women and 1500 calories per day for men. Curbing appetite is important so whole grains and high fiber foods are ideal. Any exercise performed will increase the fast weight loss for wedding.

Working in the Exercise

Exercise will increase the number of calories burned every minute of the day. Hunger also tends to be far less imposing when daily exercise is completed. When it comes to quick weight loss for wedding, workout routines should start and end the day. Morning routines kick in metabolism and calorie burn. Evening routines keep the furnace burning throughout the night. If each workout burns about 400 calories, that is a minimum calorie deficit of 800 calories a day for a total of 44,800 calories burned or more than 12 lost pounds.

The wedding weight loss challenge is often enough to curb the normal yo-yo effect of new diets and fitness routines, but hanging motivational pictures and sayings is the perfect way to keep the mind and body on track during the fateful 8 weeks. Pictures can include bridal photos and photos of the celebrity you most want to resemble on your wedding day.

Giving Yourself a Much Deserved Boost

Every bride or groom who says, “I want weight loss for my wedding” will cover every possible base and benefit when searching for wedding weight loss tips. After covering the diet and exercise routines, it may seem as though there is no other help to be had, but that thought would be wrong. Science and mother nature have paired up to provide fat burners that increase metabolism and calorie burn. These fat burners include all natural ingredients like green tea to boost the number of calories the body needs and reduce the scale number faster than ever before. When choosing a wedding day weight loss plan, a fat burner may work to shed the weight faster and help keep it off for good.

While fat burners are a safe choice for most brides and grooms, it is important to choose a manufacturer that is willing to share 100% of the ingredient list and list links to research studies that support the weight loss claims. Not every formulation used for fat burners is the same and some are ineffective or even unhealthy.

Wedding Day Weight Loss for Her

Yes, the groom wants to look spectacular on his wedding day, but the wedding dress weight loss is often the only thing she thinks about when cutting calories and working out. Women have unique weight loss issues like water retention and bloating. Women also have far less muscle mass which means spending more time doing cardio and weight training than men to lose the same amount of weight.

Water weight is often combated with over the counter diuretics. These diuretics can help push extra water from the body, but the lady of the wedding needs to make sure the fat burner she is using to increase wedding day weight loss does not contain a diuretic of its very own. Double diuretics will not increase water weight loss and could cause dehydration, which may lead to skin breakouts. No bride to be wants to have a breakout of acne before walking down the aisle.

Pre Wedding Weight Loss Don’ts

There are plenty of “I Do’s” in the air, but what about the “I Don’ts”? There are a few things both bride and groom should remember when striving for wedding weight loss success stories. The key things to remember include:

  • Never eat fewer than 1200 calories a day. This can lead to starvation and the body will hold on to fat.
  • Never choose a fat burner with sketchy ingredient lists and unsupported claims.
  • Never attempt to increase weight loss with super stimulants that leave you shaky and nauseous.
  • Never reduce fluid intake when trying to lose weight. Dehydration can lead to many health problems.

The End Result is Great!

After fighting hard in the gym, reducing calories or carbohydrates and adding in a strong, proven fat burner the fight will be won. In order to keep yourself and future spouse honest, try starting a wedding weight loss blog. Keeping track of your meals, exercise and weight online is the perfect way to stop the let down many weight loss plans experience just a few weeks into the program. If other people in the wedding party want to lose a bit of weight, everyone can take part by joining the same blog or linking to each other’s blogs and commenting each day with positive words of encouragement.

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