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Weider High Energy is an energy boosting supplement from a trusted name in bodybuilding and fitness. The interesting thing about Weider High Energy is the fact that the ingredient list is nearly identical to some of the fat burners sold by Weider. If this supplement is for energy, what makes the other ingredients better for weight loss?

The ingredient list is available on the official website, but online ordering is not supported. Various retailers sell Weider High Energy for less than $10 per bottle. The ingredient list is packed with stimulants so the dieter wanting an energy boost will find one but they may also find a long list of stimulant side effects.

List of Ingredients

Chromium, Green Tea Extract, Kola Nut Extract, Caffeine, Cinnamon Powder, Cayenne Powder.

Product Features

Chromium may help to control cravings by keeping blood sugar levels in line. This is a positive for the supplement. There are research studies to back up the claims of hunger control and blood glucose control, but we could not find any that associated these ingredients with increased energy and Weider High Energy is an energy supplement.

Green Tea Extract is another beneficial weight loss ingredient. There is nothing better than two proven ingredient. There is only 150 mg of green tea, however, and that is far too little to boost fat burn. There is not likely to be enough caffeine in the green tea to boost energy, either. That is another energy strike against Weider High Energy.

Kola Nut Extract is a stimulant with diuretic properties. Diuretics pull water from the body. These supplements cannot discern between the water that is retained and the water the body needs to function so side effects like dehydration can occur with prolonged use. There are no warnings or cycle instructions offered with Weider High Energy.

Caffeine is a stimulant that is proven to boost metabolism. There may only be 100 mg of caffeine, but packed that with the stimulant activity of kola nut and green tea and we could see a bit of an energy boost. 100 mg of caffeine is equivalent to about one cup of coffee or so.

Cinnamon powder is supposed to regulate blood glucose. That has nothing to do with energy. Cayenne is another natural fat burner with minimal effects. It could be included to improve the rate at which the other ingredients are absorbed into the body.

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  • Caffeine is proven to boost metabolism.
  • Chromium may control hunger.
  • Green tea is an all-around ingredient with weight loss benefits.


  • Multiple stimulants could mean negative side effects.


This supplement looks more like a weight loss product than an energy supplement. The dieter may find more benefit from taking the supplement than someone needing a huge energy boost.

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