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Weider Max is a fitness machine created by one of the most trusted names in fitness. Weider was once a bodybuilder who later created several bodybuilding competitions. Today, the Weider name can be found on a long list of fitness equipment with the newest model being the Weider Max. According to the official website for the personal home gym, Weider Max offers full range of motion, complete body workout and resistance exercises. The website advertises a monthly price of $11 with approved credit. The full purchase price for the Weider Max $599.

List of Ingredients

Fitness machine with more than 65 commercial grade exercises.

Product Features

The Weider Max fitness machine measures 82 inches in height and 40 inches in width. From front to back, the machine measures 80 inches. The size of the machine could make assembly in a small space difficult. There is a space-saving option where the Weider Max folds down to just 32 inches deep. The machine weighs just 150 pounds.

In addition to the base resistance band system, the consumer can choose to add 100 lbs of extra resistance for an added cost of $79.99. This could be useful for couples who are looking for a machine that will challenge both him and her. The Weider Max is not much different from many other resistance based fitness machines. The rods are placed in a different location, but other than that, it could be the same as any Bowflex model.

There is some question as to whether the Weider Max is still available for sale. Links on the official website lead to a page that is no longer operational. We tried out all the “Buy Now” links on the website and all lead to the same non-working end page. Weider does publish testimonials with before and after photos from dieters who used the Weider Max to lose weight and get fit. The before and after photos look like they have been altered in some way – as if the heads were taken from one picture and placed on a different body.

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  • Home fitness equipment can help dieters lose weight.
  • The machine is affordably priced.


  • Weider Max may no longer be available.
  • One portion of the website lists monthly payments of $11 and another $25.
  • Dieters must be dedicated to working out to lose weight with any home machine.
  • Before and after pictures look altered.


The Weider Max is not a new, ingenious machine that will amazingly help a dieter to lose more weight. The rod technology used is very similar to many Bowflex models. Even the terminology for the additional weight pack is very similar. At the end of the day, dieters need to eat less, move more and choose a proven weight loss supplement to lose weight.

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