Weider X Factor Door Gym Review

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All a dieter needs is a sturdy door and a bit of time and they can complete a total body workout, according to the Weider X Factor Door Gym. The unit is held in place by an existing door in the home. Brackets rest on the upper and lower edges of the door. While the unit is priced less than the Weider X Factor Home Gym, it also comes with a few limitations and concerns. If the door is not sturdy, the user could cause damage to the existing wood or metal.

List of Ingredients

Resistance band workout from home.

Product Features

The Weider X Factor Door Gym is a resistance band gym that allows the user to workout from home without heavy weights. Resistance requires the muscle to control the movement from start to finish. This fatigues the muscle more quickly, thus resistance machines require smaller amounts of resistance to achieve the same workout. The Weider X Factor comes with 210 pounds of resistance.

Door gyms are quickly gaining in popularity. The user simply attaches the gym frame to an existing door. The door must be closed when working out to hold the tension caused by pulling the handles and engaging the resistance bands. In older homes, the pull may cause damage to the door or door frame.

Resistance bands make it simple to complete a total body workout with fast repetitions increasing heart rate and slower repetitions with higher resistance for weight training. The machine comes with an exercise poster and a nutrition guide. The guide description says it will help the dieter achieve desired results, but we have no idea if that means weight loss or increased muscle mass.

The Weider X Factor Door Gym sells on Amazon.com for $100.

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  • Works in any home with a sturdy door.
  • Replaced heavy weights with resistance bands.
  • Can be used for cardio and weight training.


  • The user must stand up for workouts.
  • May not be enough resistance for some fitness gurus.
  • Could damage the door or door frame in older homes.
  • The price is lower than standalone units, but could be too expensive for some dieters.


The Weider X Factor Door Gym turns any home door into a personal gym. The resistance bands make the user control the weight on the press and release. This engages the muscles 100-percent of the time. If cardio is desired, the user simply reduces resistance and performs upper and lower body exercises faster. The gym comes with a nutritional guide, but the details of the food selections and total calories allowed on the plan are not revealed. The gym also comes with workout DVDs showing how the dieter can use the X Factor for improved fitness.

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