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The Weider X Factor Plus Home Gym is a higher-end model of the Weider X Factor Door Gym. This model comes with a frame to hold the gym in place. The look of the X Factor is impressive, but the method of working out is nothing new. The machine uses resistance bands instead of weights. The user adjusts resistance as needed. The machine comes with two handles and two straps that hook into the handle position. There is an 8-week guide to nutrition and three workout DVDs included with the Weider X Factor Plus Home Gym. There is a small pad located in the middle of the machine to support the back. The machine is also positioned on a large platform that is skid proof so the user does not move around when working out.

List of Ingredients

Resistance band workout machine by Weider.

Product Features

There are more than 100 exercises the user can complete on the Weider X Factor Plus Home Gym. The unit is sturdy and offers up to 210 pounds of resistance. Resistance is similar to weight, but the user must control movement more precisely so it takes less resistance to complete a workout that would require more weight in the gym.

Weight training exercise is important for bone health, but the Weider X Factor Plus Home Gym offers more than just weight training exercises. When lighter resistance is used, the machine can adapt to faster repetitions that increase heart rate. The exercise chart that comes with the machine displays many of the exercises that can be completed with both high and low resistance.

The cost of the Weider X Factor Plus Home Gym is just under $600. This is a lot to pay for a resistance machine, but less than competitor machines like BowFlex. There is a diet that comes with the Weider so the dieter can follow the eating plan and lose weight, theoretically. We are not given details on the eating plan so it could be designed to increase muscle mass.

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  • Sells online from Weider.
  • Comes with a diet plan.
  • Can be used for weight training and cardio.
  • No weight limit as the machine does not support seated exercises.


  • May be too costly for some dieters.
  • Details of the diet plan are not revealed.


Resistance bands offer high quality weight training and cardio workouts without the weight of traditional machines. The Weider X Factor Plus Home Gym is designed for smaller spaces and has no weight limit. The only setback for the dieter is the lack of information on the eating plan and the overall cost of the machine. Assembly is required and may take hours to complete.

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