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Weigh-Less began in 1975 in South Africa with a woman named Mary Holroyd. Holroyd believed that effective weight loss came from support and the ability to change lives through her program. Today, there are more than 2900 groups nationwide, with a presence in the UK, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Swaziland. Weigh-Less also plans to expand the Weigh-Less program into other countries like Australia and the United States.

According to the Weigh-Less website, this program is more than a diet plan; it is a lifestyle that incorporates eating right with exercise and “complete wellness”. However, while we found some information about food, and more specifically recipes and “approved” food choices, very little was offered about a healthy exercise program. In fact, the program itself was not laid out in much detail in terms of how it works. Instead, the company seems focused on selling the program through support groups and a healthy lifestyle change without offering substantial facts to help dieters determine whether this Weigh-Less program would be a good fit for them.

List of Ingredients

Because Weigh-Less is not a specific supplement, there is no list of ingredients to share for this program. The program appears to incorporate support groups, regular information, recipes for healthy, low-calorie dishes and the promotion of exercise as its core. While all of these components are essential in a successful weight loss program, there are very good supplements on the market today containing effective appetite suppressants and fat burners to maximize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. This program does not seem to promote any such supplements.

Product Features

The Weigh-Less website is rather vague about the terms and cost of the program. To get more information, it appears that you must contact the customer center by phone. It also seems that this program is primarily available in South Africa and some of the surrounding countries right now. Women in other areas of the world will not be able to benefit from the program since a large component of the plan is meeting face to face with others who are trying to lose weight.

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  • The Weigh-Less program incorporates all elements of wellness, including a healthy diet and regular exercise.
  • Studies show that support during weight loss efforts can increase odds for success.
  • Customer testimonials are posted on the company website.


  • The Weigh-Less program is currently only available in a limited area.
  • The company website provides little information as far as specific terms and cost of the program.
  • There is no weight loss supplement available with this program to maximize benefits and help out dieters who may have had trouble seeing real weight loss through strict dieting on its own.


While we would definitely advocate a healthy, low-calorie diet and daily exercise as a part of any weight loss program, the Weigh-Less plan is not laid out in enough detail to assume this program will be effective. We prefer a diet supplement that contains proven ingredients, combined with diet and exercise to achieve the best results.

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32 User Reviews about Weigh Less

  • 1
    Jabu mnisi

    is there a weigh less centre in Swaziland?


  • 2
    lesego B

    How do I join weighless in Botswana


  • 3

    could you kindly tell me where is the location of weighless organisation
    in Botswana



    Hey ravneek,
    there’sno weighless in Botswana and they are not keen on having a branch opened up here.


  • 4
    gita Shah

    Hi I would like to operate a weigh less franchise in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. How do i go about it?


  • 5
    amanda smit

    can someone help me?
    Where can I get the old beidge weigh less book that we use in the 1980’s,I think there was a scale on the front page? I just want copy’s for my mother. Please if anyone can assist me.



    hi, I have also been trying to find that same book. Did you have any success?
    It seemed to be easier to follow for me than the new formula.
    I am willing to pay for a copy if you have.
    Regards Ann



    Hi ladies. I been on weighless after my babies each time and lost 17- 20 kg in 6-8 weeks! BUT USING THE old book and plan. Spoke to many through the years and so many woman prefer the old plan- easier to follow and manage.
    It will be a huge hit if brought back.
    does anyone have the old book from around 1988?? if so please let me know.. will pay for a copy PLEASE & Thank you


  • 6

    i live in durban beachfront and is looking for a weigh less group in and around this area.


  • 7

    My mother has been trying to end her membership with Weigh Less for many years but she is not successful. She is not able to pay any more but it is deducted from her bank account. What must she do?


  • 8
    Helena Naude

    I would like to get contact details for a wiegh less group near Sonlandpark Vereeniging Gauteng Thank you


  • 9
    Grace van der Riet

    I come from South Africa and honestly I have found Weigh Less the best out of all the diets I have tried on the market. I now live in Australia and still have my books, but in south Africa you can get ready made meals and snacks made for weigh less as well as hotdog sausages and burger patties, which were one of my favourites as you could have a burger for dinner always feeling like you were never on diet.

    The whole plan is about eating a certain amount of all the food groups per day.e.g 4 carbs per day,a number of proteins,dairy, fats, fruit,veg per day.There is also a list of free foods which you can eat all day if you like. You do weigh your food, however after a week or two you are able to judge your portions.

    I used to loose at least 10kg over 12 weeks and that was without excersise. One secret is that you had to go to the support group and weigh each week. You did not have to stay for the support group meeting (I never did) but did not want to weigh more each week when weighing in. After reaching you goal weight you become a life time member and never have to pay monthly fees again unless you gained over I think 2-5kg over your goal weight. I do wish weigh less would come to Australia.


  • 10
    Jonathan Rundle

    Videoccasions has been filming the Weigh-Less Man and Woman of the year events and various testimonials from members over the past 8 years . From what we have seen, Weigh-Less really works. It’s a life changing solution for many people.


  • 11
    felicitas balule

    are there any group meetings in gaborone?


  • 12

    hi, what is the joining fee?
    And monthly fee?


  • 13

    I would like to join the weigh less programe.I am in walvis bay Namibia,is there a group based here?


  • 14
    Frederick Grace

    Whilst in Sa I was a member of Weigh Less, now living in Australia and would like to know if you would consider having me represent you here, there would be many ex South Africans and indeed others thatwould join such a worthwhile organisation


  • 15

    Just joined Weigh Less for heath reasons and within a week my blood sugar dropped from 9 to 4.9 and the insulin units have also dropped from 14units to 8units. Great new life style, best thing I have ever done.


  • 16

    lost 22kg on weigh less thanx


  • 17
    Anneke Swart

    I am looking for a low fat Weihg Less rusk recipe. Dan anyone help?


  • 18



  • 19

    Hi please advise how I contact this Weigh-Less and their phone numbers and web address.
    Thank you



    Would like to contact Tracy May. Brian and Tracy took us on a safari in Zimbabwe about 10 years ago.



    You still looking to find Brian and Tracey??


  • 20
    Colleen Caddow

    24 years ago I was on the Weigh less diet whilst living in Durban, I now live in the UK and no longer have my books. Is there any way I can rejoin from the Uk.


  • 21
    Sandy Flaxman

    I live in Zimbabwe, is there a Weigh-Less office here?





    Sandy did you manage to get a weigh-less group in Zimbabwe. If yes please let me know also as i want to join as well


  • 22
    Sidney Goodwill

    I was a member of Weigh Less for many years in South Africa. I would like to follow the diet but have lost my booklet. Is there any way that I can get another one? I am living in Canada.


  • 23
    Val Hardie

    Where can I find a weighless class in Gaborone, Botswana


  • 24
    Leverne Naidoo

    Good Afternoon

    I would like to join a weigless group on the Bluff area ans i would like to know how much it costs to join and the monthly payment.
    Thank you


  • 25

    When are we getting weigh-less in Gaborone Botswana.How does one become a group leader.