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Recently there has been an increase in the number of faith based workout programs and weight loss programs. Weight Downs is a faith based program that has been around for longer than many others. Testimonials listed on the official website offer legacies of permanent weight loss reaching back up to 10 years. The amount of weight loss achieved varies from 30 pounds to 300 pounds. Behind the program is God’s way of eating and faith based classes.

List of Ingredients

Nutritional program and classes for weight loss based on faith.

Product Features

The Weight Downs program starts off with 6 weeks of classes. These are presented, at first; as being in person classes that take place at the church, but the dieter is given the option of order the classes by eBook or hardcover with CDs or MP3s. There is no physical class, just an “in demand” series as put by the creator of Weight Downs.

The program focuses on a faith-based way of eating to stop weight gain and reverse the effects of bad eating habits. There is no mention of the types of foods allowed on the diet or how the program is supposed to work from home. There are live events and conferences listed on the website, but none are related to weight loss.

The number of programs available on the Weight Downs program website is a bit confusing. There is a basic, beyond basic, plateau, last 10 lbs, self-paced and children’s option. Each is available at a different cost, but the entire program could easily cost the dieter more than $4 a day for the duration of the program, despite the claim of it costing less than $4 a day by the program founder. The starter kit alone sells for $149.00.

Aside from the positive testimonials on the website, there is no real information on food choices and how hunger and eating disorders are curbed. There is mention of eating whatever foods you wish to eat as long as those foods are eaten in moderation. There is also reference to the program curing dieters with eating disorders.

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  • The Weight Downs program seems to have worked for many men and women.


  • The program is very expensive.
  • No physical classes come with the Weight Downs program.
  • There are online classes offered with the purchase of each program.
  • There is no information about what foods are acceptable but there is reference to the fact that all foods are acceptable.


We are a bit confused by the Weight Downs program. There is clearly a program that includes a book and audio in addition to online classes. The self-paced program offers access to the same online classes, but they can be viewed on a personal schedule as opposed to a scheduled time and date.

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