Weight Loss Diet Reviews

Weight Loss Diet
Don’t be intimidated: this list of weight loss diets is designed to be a comprehensive, encyclopedic guide to the world of dieting. You’ll find every conceivable variety of diets here, and they’re all specifically centered toward weight loss.

As you browse this total listing of weight loss diets, understand what this range of diets covers. “Get slim quick” diets are not designed to be sustainable. Very often, an extreme weight loss diet will not provide you the nutrients you need in the long term. You may experience weight loss, yes, but an extreme diet most likely involved some form of purposeful malnutrition. Even if you’re taking supplements, don’t trust an extreme weight loss diet to promote sustainable health.

The best of these weight loss diets promotes total body health. Not only will the right diet help you achieve your desired weight goal, it’ll change your body chemistry into a healthier, fitter, more acutely aware, confident you. Total health is about giving your body the fuel it needs to perform at peak efficiency.

You’ll find a lot of gimmick diets on this list. The “30 Day Pizza Diet” involves non-stop pizza consumption. Some are faith centered, like the Daoist Dietetics Diet, a strict diet that provides a holistic approach to weight loss. Others, like Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, permits restrained cheating, helping to prevent dieters from eating to extremes.

We’re quite proud of this collection of diet reviews, and we hope you’re encouraged on your journey to sustainable total body health.

Best Weight Loss Diet Reviews