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Weight Loss Dojo is a company that sells exercise DVDs. There are several consumer complaints about the company targeting seniors who supposedly order the DVDs and then the credit card is placed on a recurring billing plan for $34.95. The official website for Weight Loss Dojo does not offer any information on weight loss DVDs but there is a contact phone number for customer service. The customer service information lists only hours of operation and a logo from the company.

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Exercise DVDs.

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On one of the consumer complaints there was a response by another consumer suffering from the same problem as the poster. The initial case involved an 80 year old woman diagnosed with dementia that ordered weight loss DVDs from Weight Loss Dojo. According to the report, the company refused a refund as the terms of service were clear about how long consumers had to cancel the order for no charge. There is no address information available for the company thus we have no idea if this is a virtual company or a physical company.

Exercise DVDs are a craze that many dieters turn to for weight loss. The DVDs offer in home exercise choices ranging from spiritual workouts to intense workouts. The idea is to complete a workout in the privacy of the home without feeling as though everyone is staring at the dieter in the gym. Typically, women and men who are overweight fall into the category of dieters who order home exercise DVDs in hopes of working out for weight loss.

The effectiveness of the DVDs is disputable. Without proper diet, no amount of exercise will help a dieter achieve weight loss goals. Most exercise DVDs do not come with nutritional guidelines and if they do, the guidelines are vague, at best. There is also no appetite suppression associated with exercising as the more calories burned generally leads to more intense hunger. This could lead to overeating and weight gain despite working out.

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  • None.


  • No official website.
  • Consumer complaints about the products and charges.
  • The company could target elderly people as part of a credit card scam.
  • Only a phone number is available for contacting the Weight Loss Dojo company.


While some dieters will pick out a weight loss DVD and lose weight, others will find the workout too hard or the hunger after the workout too much to handle. We suggest choosing a healthy eating plan and exercising moderately to lose weight slowly. Hunger can be suppressed with the right combination of nutritional supplements and fat burners can increase metabolism to help dieters reach weight loss goals. Walking is often considered the best form of exercise and no DVD is required.

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4 User Reviews about Weight Loss Dojo

  • 1
    Tracy King

    I was charged for the DVDs they sent me even though I never ordered them. When I called and cancelled the “order” I was told they were going to charge me another $17.99. This charge was to cancel an “order” that I never placed. What can I do to get out of this? HELP!!!


  • 2
    Betty Burton

    My 91 year old grandmothers checking account has been billed once again for this DVD so far 4 charges have gone through this was cancelled already. Her account needs to be credited for these charges asap her address is 2823 N. Edgar Evansville, IN 47710 Betty Burton. This is absolutely ridiculous that one would scam or charge an elderly women with a prior broken hip and near nursing home placement. I want this resolved and time is of the essence!!! Very fixed income !!!!


  • 3
    Patricia L Schwatka

    They have charged my credit card for the $34.95 this month and when I looked at last month, it was a $2.00 charge.
    I don’t recall ever even ordering anything from them, yet they have my credit card #. How do I cancel this???
    Do I just tell my credit card company NOT to accept their charges?? Please help.


    Deondra Carter

    business is not being handled in a sincere manner people do what 2 get what they want they played me with these work out dvds i never ordered lets give our all 2 God he will handle them 4 us