Weight Loss Novice Stack Review

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What You Should Know

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The Weight Loss Novice Stack from Protein Factory contains only two supplements. Neither of these supplements are proven to increase weight loss and one carries potential side effects. The weight loss market is strong and Protein Factory missed the mark in a huge way with this stack.

List of Ingredients

Whey Light: CFM Whey, Membrane Micellar, Vanilla, Splenda.

Tonalin CLA: Conjugated Linoleic Acid.

Product Features

CFM Whey is protein powder with BCAAs. BCAAs are branched chain amino acids. These are usually taken by bodybuilders to support muscle growth and health. Membrane Micellar is protein derived from cows that are fed grass only. Vanilla is flavoring and Splenda is an artificial sweetener. Protein powders have extra calories that dieters don’t need unless they are used as part of a meal replacement shake. This supplement may not have all the vitamins needed to support use as a meal replacement.

Tonalin CLA or conjugated linoleic acid is derived from safflower oil. A few years back, Tonalin CLA and conjugated linoleic acid in general, was touted as the final answer to weight loss due to fat burning properties of the oil. These claims were quickly proven false by clinical research. Side effect started being reported including gas, bloating and stomach pain.

The Weight Loss Novice Stack by Protein Factory offers nothing for the dieter who wants to lose weight. If the product was aimed at the bodybuilder it may support healthy muscle growth due to the protein supplement with BCAAs included in the stack, but this is not going to help the average dieter. Tonalin CLA is not a fat burner that will increase metabolism or weight loss for that matter.

The Weight Loss Novice Stack sells for $99. This is WAY overpriced for the supplements included in the stack.

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  • Protein is a healthy addition to any weight loss program.


  • The Weight Loss Novice Stack is nothing more than protein and safflower oil.
  • The stack appears to be formulated for bodybuilders instead of the average dieter.
  • Not every dieter wants to supplement with protein.
  • There are no fat burning ingredients in the supplements.
  • The price is much more than proven fat burners that have a better chance of improving weight loss.


We are disappointed that Protein Factory’s Weight Loss Novice Stack contains no ingredients that will increase weight loss. There are enough strong, proven weight loss ingredients to help dieters achieve their weight loss goals. Green tea, chromium and caffeine are just three we like. If a dieter wants to lose weight, they should pass on the overpriced Weight Loss Novice Stack and choose a proven supplement with testimonials supporting weight loss claims.

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