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A weight loss pill is designed for people that are slightly over-weight to the morbidly obese. This type of stimulant was created over 30 years ago as a way to help women control their weight. Some of the tablets have been claimed to help an individual lose weight without changing their lifestyle. Other weight loss pills are said to be best used with diet and exercise. At first, a weight loss pill was deemed safe as well as effective. Throughout the years, doctors have done extensive studies on types of ingredients used in these tablets. There have been compounds found in certain medications that are known now as harmful to the body. Those looking to lose weight may read ads or listen to TV commercials on how these types of stimulates assists women as well as men in losing their unwanted weight. Certain pills may be safe to use in moderation while other may have long-term effects that are not known as of yet. A weight loss pill can assist in helping to control weight and boost metabolism. Of course, some may be more effective than others and new scientific breakthroughs seem to be occurring every year.

List of Ingredients

A weight loss pill may be comprised of several different components. Caffeine and Ephedrine have been found in a large amount of these tablets. They have been studied and Ephedrine is banned in large doses. This has been found to cause heart attacks strokes as well as other health problems. Caffeine can still be found in a weight loss pill. However, it is usually trace amounts. A person may need to be extremely careful on the amount of caffeine they consume, depending on their body’s metabolism. The theory behind both of these ingredients is that they will act as metabolic stimulants.

The most common ingredients in a weight loss pill are typically as follows: Yerba Mate, Plantago Psyllium, Hydroxymethylbutyrate, Pyruvate, Conjugated Linoleic Acid, Chromium and Citrus Aurantium. Several chemicals and natural ingredients can be found in a weight loss pill. A person may wish to view the ingredients before they purchase the product.

Product Features

A weight loss pill will hopefully have specific featured properties or ingredients to set it apart from the crowd. The internet can be a great place to find weight loss pill reviews from real people. Some companies may offer a weight loss guarantee without any major lifestyle changes. Others may promote a healthy diet and exercise routine with the use of their product. A potential user should definitely check out all of the information on a specific weight loss pill before they decide to take part in the program.

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  • Weight loss pill companies usually have direct information about their products.
  • Most of the time, the company will show a list of ingredients that can be found in the specific item.
  • Some compounds found in a weight loss pill are natural that assists the body in burning fat and boosting metabolism.


  • Some weight loss pill companies are sneaky about their ingredient listings. They may leave out a component or show a lesser amount than actually is in the tablet.
  • A person may find a weight loss pill that seems to be designed for them. However, the fine print should always be reviewed.
  • A weight loss pill company desires to market their product. They may not always be honest and straightforward about their mission.
  • Many times, a weight loss pill that features a new, untested “miracle” ingredient ends up posing a health risk and causing a media frenzy.


A weight loss pill is not a horrible concept in itself. Several companies make tablets that are designed to assist rather than hinder a person’s health. Some stimulates are created to boost metabolism, burn fat and help the body use the fat that is stored. While others claim that a person can eat exactly what they want and still lose the pounds. It is important to read the fine print and learn everything that is possible about a weight loss pill before committing to using it.

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    kimberly B.

    So i bought these pills from a dollar tree…the label says People’s choice weight lose with cider vingar,kelp lecithin and vitamin b-6 is this pill safe and is it ok that i purchaseed this pill from a dollar store?