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Weight Loss the Jabez Way by Dr. Scott Conard is a religious diet program based on Jabez. Jabez is a relative or Judah. Jabez is mentioned in the bible, but only briefly and he does not play an important part in the Christian religion. Dr. Conard has a hand in many different aspects of medicine, including sleep centers, faith-based healing and affordable healthcare.

Unfortunately there is very little information about Weight Loss the Jabez Way available from online bookstores. We were able to find information on the diet program and book on the GameofHealth website owned by Conard.

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  • Book on religion-based weight loss.

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The entire diet program in Weight Loss the Jabez Way is based on two lines of scripture in the bible when Jabez asks for help being free of harm and pain. There is no mention of weight loss or health of any kind. Pain can be taken a million ways, depending on the previous scripture and the scripture following these two lines. But, Conard thought these lines would make the perfect starting point for a diet and weight loss program.

That is all the information available online. There is no mention of how the dieter loses weight or what types of foods are allowed on the plan. We are not told if the weight loss program involves exercise or if the diet is enough to promote weight loss. The dieter simply knows that the words of Jabez are enough.

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  • There is an official website for the author and his multiple books.
  • The diet may be sound and medically based.
  • The author is a medical doctor.


  • There is no official website just dedicated to the diet.
  • The page on the GameofHealth is not finished.
  • The diet is based on two lines of scripture.
  • There is no mention of the details of the diet.
  • We have no idea what foods are allowed or not allowed.
  • Exercise is not mentioned.


If you are someone who holds faith in high regard you may find the two lines of scripture to be enough to promote weight loss, but even the most devout Christians have trouble losing weight. These lines are not dedicated to weight loss nor were they spoken about weight loss. We are not told in what context the lines are spoken and we have no idea how these lines were chosen as part of a weight loss program so we cannot give the dieter any insight other than you have to read the book and decide.

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