Weight Loss With Hypnosis Review

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This is a weight loss program that appears as if it may have been designed by someone named Steven Ira. It seems as if this program may be a way that some people may be able to form a bond between food and their bodies without having the feeling of starvation like so many dieters often do.


Plan CDs and a quiet setting.

Product Features

The concept behind this Weight Loss with Hypnosis program may be that it is based on the theory that skipping meals and starving yourself is not a healthy way to lose weight at all. The reason for this program is to enable people to develop a healthier subconscious so they may have a type of bind with their food. When using this method people will more likely receive longer lasting benefits. The best thing about this program is that there are no clinical visits you may have to attend in order to achieve these results. The plan is offered through a set of CDs that may feature guided meditations and hypnosis inducing lessons created with the idea of forming this new relationship between a person and their body. This is supposed to work by teaching people how to be in sync with their own minds and how to get over those mood swings often encountered when a person is trying to stay away from their favorite foods. For instance, if a person is used to eating chocolate cake everyday, their body may form a type of addiction to this chocolate cake. When the dieter tries to go without it, it may produce some sort of withdrawal symptom causing the dieter to have strong uncontrollable cravings and mood swings. The use of this program is supposed to relieve that addiction and need for foods.

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  • There are multiple CDs available for use with this program.
  • It is designed to help reduce cravings so you will not feel like you are starving.
  • This comes with a money back guarantee.
  • There is no need for a clinical visit.


  • This method has yet to have been proven to work by itself.


Although hypnosis may appear to be a fun or even entertaining way lose weight, it certainly will not work for everyone because not everyone can be hypnotized. For those who cannot be hypnotized, there are other solutions out there. A trusted fat burner and appetite suppression can offer some of the same benefits this program is offering with proven results.

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