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Weight Watchers Meetings are an integral part of the plan’s success. Dieters attend weekly meetings to weigh-in and learn more about proper dieting techniques. Typically, a meeting lasts between 30 and 45 minutes. Weigh-ins are completed in private, so dieters can choose to share weight loss success or weight creep if they desire, but it is not mandatory. There is a speaker at most meetings offering a bit of insight into weight loss and weight maintenance. There is a fee associated with Weight Watchers Meetings. That fee is determined by various factors; including the individual program the dieter signs up for and the whether the fee is paid at the meeting or in advance. There are online meetings available to dieters who cannot access local meetings in person.

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Weekly meetings from Weight Watchers.

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The first Weight Watchers Meeting is completely free. The dieter does not have to purchase the program or pay the weekly meeting fee. This meeting helps the dieter choose whether or not Weight Watchers Meetings will increase weight loss success. Some dieters enjoy taking part in the meetings and weigh-ins. Others are not thrilled with the thought of weighing in around a stranger.

The Weight Watchers website lists 10 important tips the dieter needs to know about Weight Watchers Meetings. Tips include the fact that dieters are not obligated to talk, they can choose different meeting times and locations to meet personal needs, online tools are available if a dieter must miss a meeting and various payment options are available.

Weight Watchers Meetings are based on clinical research. Research states that dieters who take part in group meetings tend to stick with a diet plan longer and lose more weight. Continuing to attend meetings after hitting goal weight could make maintenance easier.

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  • Weight Watchers Meetings are available online and in person.
  • The fee is lower if the dieter pays in advance or purchases a package.
  • Group meetings increase chance of weight loss success.


  • Not every dieter likes the idea of weighing in at a meeting.
  • Meeting times may not coincide with free time.
  • The meetings can be expensive.


Weight Watcher Meetings are part of the Weight Watchers program. Dieters do not have to attend meetings to lose weight on Weight Watchers, but the meetings may increase weight loss success. Dieters feel accountable for their actions and want to earn badges and awards for weight loss. There is diet information, fitness tips and tips from successful dieters who have lost weight on the program. The new Points Plus program allows the dieter to choose from a long list of free foods, making weight loss even easier.

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