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Companies with overweight employees tend to have higher medical costs and more missed days due to illness. Instead of firing associated for being overweight, many companies choose to incorporate fitness into the business model to support healthy weight loss and fitness. Weight Watchers at Work is a corporate program for businesses that want to help employees achieve weight loss goals without being too transparent about the positive financial benefit of the company. In some cases, Weight Watchers at Work is simply a nice gesture by a corporation.

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Corporate Weight Watchers program.

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The Weight Watchers at Work program requires approval from the human resources and corporate offices of a business. The business must pay a portion of the Weight Watchers fee, but so must the dieters enrolled in the program. There must be at least 20 participants to start a new Weight Watchers at Work program. The location for meetings can be at the office or an outside location.

While employers are often supportive of the Weight Watchers at Work program, there are a few negatives of the program. Not all employees are willing to share personal information at work. Weighing in around fellow workers could be embarrassing. It is important for a company to lay down strict guidelines regarding personal interaction and gossip.

The program runs just like any other Weight Watchers Meeting, but the company is paying for some of the cost, so employees should pay less than the average rate. Dieters must follow a current program available from Weight Watchers. The most popular is the PointsPlus program, as of 2011.

There is no mention of the adjusted cost, but the dieter can feel a bit more at ease knowing Weight Watchers is one of the trusted partners in weight loss. Dieters, on average, lose more weight following the Weight Watchers program and attending weekly meetings than they do from dieting alone.

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  • Trusted Weight Watchers program for weight loss.
  • The business pays a portion of the Weight Watchers fee.
  • Dieters partner with coworkers to lose weight.
  • May decrease health costs associated with weight related medical expenses.


  • Not all workers are willing to weigh-in and reveal personal information with other coworkers.
  • Some companies may not have enough employees to fill the 20 person minimum.


If a business wants to support healthy food choices, fitness and weight loss for its employees, the Weight Watchers at Work program is the ideal solution. Employees still have to pay a portion of the cost, but the program is proven to help dieters lose weight. Employees that eat right and workout on a regular basis may be more attentive, focused and miss less work.

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