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What you should know

Weighted gloves were developed to let kickboxers get the most from their work out sessions and also to increase muscle definition. Weighted gloves have been reported to be rather handy when it comes to jogging or walking as part of a weight loss regime because they add weight not only to your arms but to your legs and core as well. Weighted gloves are great for strengthening the arms, wrists and shoulders and can be used during exercise while still keeping the arms free for other movements.

These gloves and similar products work in the same way as weights when exercising but seem to be particularly effective when used in conjunction with cross training according to testimonials around the Internet.

List of ingredients

These gloves are weighted with various weights depending on personal preference but are normally weighted with 2lb in each one. Weighted gloves are made of various materials depending on the brand but generally tend to be made of Nylon with a Neoprene lining. Weighted gloves typically are “one size fits all”.

Product Features

Weighted gloves have been used for decades to help improve the hand speed of boxers and kickboxers as well as give you a slight workout when you go about your daily business.

Although weighted products are well known to help increase muscle mass and endurance, there isn’t a lot of data available as to whether or not these will help you lose weight.

It should also be noted that there may be some health risks with regards to weighted gloves and those that have suffered from fractures or breaks of the arms should avoid these to prevent further injury, especially if the gloves are of a considerable weight.

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  • Weighted gloves don’t require you to ingest anything.
  • Wearing weighted gloves while exercising should improve the quality of your workouts.
  • There aren’t really any side effects to wearing weighted gloves.


  • Weighted gloves may not help you lose weight.
  • If you have any prior hand, wrist, arm, or shoulder injuries, you may not be able to use weighted gloves.
  • Some brands may begin to come apart at the seams after prolonged use.
  • Weighted gloves can be uncomfortable for some people.


Weighted gloves shouldn’t be your first choice for a weight loss product but if you are a martial artist, kickboxer, or boxer, you should definitely check these out. If you train wearing heavily weighted gloves for a few weeks, when you take them off, your hand speed will be amazing.

If you are looking for a product to help you lose weight, however, you should look for a good supplement with thermogenic ingredients to help you lose weight 24 hours a day.

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