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Weightloss is an informational website that provides simple information to dieters about how to lose weight, and they claim following their tips will start them on the right path to health, long term weight loss. There are various sections geared towards different issues, including keeping positive while dieting, helpful tools for determining healthy weight loss, and information about how dieters can create realistic fitness plans. They tend to stick to basic, no-frills advice about weight loss and do not claim to help dieters lose vast amounts of weight.

While we do recommend incorporating diet, exercise, and supplements that encourage thermogenic activity, learning about how to create realistic, long term dietary plans may be the start to healthy weight loss. Weightloss claims just that — following their advice may help start a healthy dieting routine. Further evidence suggests this advice is legitimate, but not necessarily new or groundbreaking advice.


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Weightloss’s website is divided into five sections: How to Talk to Your Doctor, How to Eat Smart, Get Moving, Keeping Positive, and Helpful Tools. Each section lists advice on how to start your diet, and they heavily recommend dieters seek the advice of a physician before beginning any diet plan. This is a good recommendation, and may help dieters avoid complications as a result of unapproved diet plans. Their Eat Smart section is also designed to help dieters formulate diet plans by providing nutritional guidelines approved by the American Heart Association. It also lists advice on how to read food labels and also provides “diet” recipes. Their exercise section is similar and lists basic advice on how to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle. This advice is commonly stated by numerous associations, including the AHA, and is considered legitimate advice.

Overall, Weightloss may serve as an aid for first time dieters, but does not provide any in-depth or substantial advice.

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  • Provides basic, scientifically-backed advice about how to start a diet.
  • Also provides tools for determining a healthy body weight range and diet plan examples.


  • Does not provide any in-depth advice about diets.
  • Only provides general advice and offers no suggestions about which diet plans will suit the dieter.
  • Is only intended to be an informational website.


Weightloss is a small, albeit information-rich, website about how to start a diet, but they offer no advice on what types of diets are better than others, or any in-depth information about dieting. It may be a useful tool for first time dieters seeking basic advice, but does not provide any substantial benefits beyond this point. Overall, it is a basic but useful tool that may be utilized by some dieters.

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