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Weightlossdiet.net is a website that reviews and sells various diet pills. The main page of the site is simple and easy to navigate. There are 36 total diet pills for sale, but five are clearly favored over the others. These five diet pills have reviews featured on the main page. In our research, we have found several websites promoting these same diet pills for sale. The top diet pills according to Weightlossdiet.net are Lipovox, Fenphedra, Anoretix, Fenterdren and Leptorexin.

List of Ingredients

Online portal to buy diet pills.

Product Features

The five featured diet pills fall into five significant categories. These categories are Best Seller, Best Diet Pill, Best Appetite Suppressant, Best Fat Burner and Best Superfoods Pill. We are a bit confused by the sectioning off of supplements in this way. Why should a dieter have to choose between the best diet pill and the best appetite suppressant? The idea behind losing weight with supplementation is to achieve all such goals in one supplement. According to Weightlossdiet.net you would have to buy several to create the ultimate diet pill.

The website does offer a 90-day money back guarantee, which is uncommon in the diet industry. Most websites will offer 30 days or suggest the dieter use a 14 day trial to try out the supplement before paying, but 90 days is far different. During those first three months, the dieter can try out a supplement and if they do not like how it makes them feel or they see no effects, they can receive a refund. There must be some fine print, however, or every dieter would return empty bottles for their money back. There is no fine print. As a matter of fact, aside from a gold stamp on every page claiming a guarantee, there is no mention of any guarantee details.

We tested the prices on the website and they are lower than other websites by just a bit. Lipovox, for instance, sells on Amazon for $27 and Weightlossdiets.net sells it for $26. If there is a lower listed price, the website claims they will match that price.

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  • Ingredient lists for all weight loss products sold.
  • Prices are lower than competitors.


  • Too few selections for an online supplement store.
  • Best of lists make choosing one supplement difficult.


We suggest using a different site for your supplement needs. Clearly Weightlossdiets.net has some hidden agenda in supporting just these supplements. The categorization makes choosing very difficult and with no clinical information supporting any of the supplements dieters have to take the websites words for product efficacy. We think consumers should have trials, testimonials and details on the money back guarantee before they order any supplement.

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