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Have you ever wondered what you would look like if you were 30 pounds lighter? WeightView allows a dieter to send in the before photo. The photo is slimmed and sent back to the dieter to offer a little insight into what the body could look like after weight loss. There are lots of websites profiling the company, but the official website is no longer active. None of the links listed online took us to an actual page offering WeightView services. Chances are the company is out of business because slimming photos were available free of charge.

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Photo slimming service.

Product Features

All a dieter has to do is send along a photo and WeightView will slim that photo down. The dieter can use the photo to set future weight loss goals, but what happened to the company? The official website is no longer active so dieters can no longer send in photos. There are free services online that slim photos instantly, which could be the reason the business is no longer active.

Slimming photos allows the dieter to see where they could be, but it also sets up the dieter for mental failure. If the photo shows how the dieter should look after losing 30 pounds and the figure is slim and trim, what happens after losing 30 pounds when the body does not look like the photo? WeightView was featured on the Rachel Ray show, several news broadcasts and on ABC News.

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  • Allows the dieter to see what weight loss could look like.
  • Provides inspiration for dieters.
  • Free service.
  • Facebook page is active.


  • The official website is no longer active.
  • Dieters were forced to send in pictures for slimming.
  • Free services are available with instant results online.
  • Some of the slimming results are a bit unrealistic.
  • No current updates on Facebook from the company.


If a dieter could look into the future and see the long-term effect of a diet they may have a sense of dedication stronger than other dieters. WeightView offers dieters that chance to look into the future. The company took a difficult business model and failed. Free online software offers the same slimming photo creation without sending in a photo and waiting for the company to send back the final product. We are unsure how the company expected to earn money, but evidently they were unsuccessful at earning that money.

Slimming photos may help some dieters, but they could set up other dieters for mental failure. If the body does not look like the photo after weight loss, the dieter could lose interest in weight loss and regain weight. The body does not lose weight from all the right places every time.

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