Weil Energy Support Formula Review

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​What You Should Know

Dr. Weil is a trusted name in health, wellness and nutrition. The doctor offers personally-formulated supplements with the aim of supporting metabolism and calorie burn. Weil supports eating a healthy diet and exercising daily, so the effectiveness of his supplements may depend on these lifestyle changes. No dieter can expect to lose weight simply by taking a supplement every day. Weil supplements are available from a variety of online vitamin companies. The official website for Dr. Weil offers in-depth articles about weight loss, healthy eating and supplementation. The doctor supports using omega 3 fatty acids for weight loss and optimal health. Weil Energy Support Formula offers no real energy support. It does offer three ingredients to fight stress, anxiety and depression. With these mental issues under control, the dieter may sleep better and feel less fatigue. There are no thermogenic ingredients in the Weil Energy Support Formula.

List of Ingredients

Ashwagandha Root, Cordyceps and Eleuthero Root Extract.

Product Features

Ashwagandha root is a healthy herbal ingredient with clinical support. The herb may help reduce symptoms of anxiety and diabetes. Anxiety or stress is thought to cause cortisol levels to rise in humans. Cortisol may increase the rate at which fat stores in the abdominal area. Many weight loss supplements attempt to control anxiety with herbs to stop fat storage. Diabetes control is not directly linked to weight loss, but regulation of blood glucose is important to weight loss. When blood glucose is out of control, hunger is a huge problem. Ashwagandha root may help regulate blood glucose so dieters feel fewer cravings. Cravings for simple carbohydrates are a result of the brain reacting to a drop in glucose. The body wants an easy source of energy to hep rise glucose. If that drop is prevented with glucose regulation, those cravings disappear.

Cordyceps may help fight depression. Clinical studies on animals support anti-depressant qualities of this ingredient. Unfortunately, animal studies are not as important as human studies. Higher thinking and social problems of humans create a unique mental environment. Cordyceps may not work the same way in humans as it does in animals. Eleuthero root extract is another supplement commonly used to fight stress.

Mental health seems to be the main focus of Weil Energy Support Formula. We found no ingredients that increased energy. That being said, the ingredients are proven to fight stress, anxiety and depression. This is an important aspect of dieting as stress can lead to cravings, snacking and weight gain. Dieters with a history of mental problems should seek medical advice before taking this formula. It could affect the way prescription medications work.

Weil Energy Support Formula sells for $14 a bottle.

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  • May fight stress, anxiety and depression.
  • All ingredients are listed online.
  • Dr. Weil supports healthy eating and exercise.


  • Does not contain any thermogenic ingredients.
  • Will not increase metabolism.
  • Will not decrease hunger.
  • Not listed for sale on the official Dr. Weil website.


Dieters should always ask their doctor before taking supplements that affect mood. This is especially important for dieters with a history of mental illness.

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