Wellements One Hour Cleanse Review

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What You Should Know

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Wellements One Hour Cleanse is marketed in an interesting manner that may not include dieters and those trying to lose weight. According to the description online, the cleanse lasts for at least 5 hours and works in just 60 minutes. Wellements One Hour Cleanse claims to cleanse the body of toxins quicker than any other product, but the toxins they are referring to are probably not the same toxins colon cleansers and detoxification supplements are trying to remove.

Consumers have sounded off on the Wellements One Hour Cleanse and many agree that the formula appears to be marketed toward people preparing for a urine drug screening. Removal of toxins in just 60 minutes and an effect that lasts up to 5 hours supports these theories.

List of Ingredients

Riboflavin, Creatine and Stevia.

Product Features

There are no ingredients in the Wellements One Hour Cleanse that will truly cleanse the body. Typically, cleansers will include a natural laxative of some sort to help remove toxins from the body. The description for Wellements One Hour Cleanse reads more like a diuretic advertisement than a cleanser. Research led us to believe that this product is supposed to be used to cleanse the urinary system of toxins related to drug use and not toxins related to bad eating or waste. Creatine is not going to pull toxic substances from the urine and without a diuretic, the user must wait on the kidneys to process fluid before it is expelled from the body.

According to the Wellements One Hour Cleanse description, the user is supposed to drink less than

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