Weslo Cardio Stride Plus Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

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The Weslo Cardio Stride Plus Manual Treadmill is priced to sell at less than $140. The official website for Weslo lists the product specifications and reviews of the treadmill. The buyer must assemble the treadmill upon arrival, but in-home assembly is offered for an additional charge. The belt is just 13 inches wide and 41 inches long. This is very short and narrow for a treadmill and could be difficult to use for taller people with a long stride length. A manual treadmill is not motor driven, so the belt must be moved by the user. This can be extremely difficult.

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Manual treadmill by Weslo.

Product Features

The Weslo Cardio Stride Plus Manual Treadmill offers three inclines and an LCD screen. The inclines must be moved manually as the treadmill does not have a motor system to change incline or belt speed. Maximum user weight is 250 pounds.

There are no frills and thrills with the Weslo Cardio Stride Plus Manual Treadmill. The buyer is delivered a compact manual treadmill. Unlike motor treadmills, manual treadmills require the user to power the belt. The faster the user walks, the faster the belt will move. If the user slows down, the belt will slow down. While speed is noted on the LCD screen, the user is not forced to maintain a certain speed, which could mean slower walking and fewer calories burned.

Another problem with the Weslo Cardio Stride Plus is the manual incline. If the user wants to change incline they must stop walking and step off the belt to increase or decrease deck height. Depending on how long the adjustment takes, the user could lose momentum and heart rate could drop.

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  • Less expensive than motorized treadmills.
  • Reviews of the Weslo Cardio Stride Plus are favorable.
  • The unit is sold directly from the manufacturer.
  • LCD screen shows time, distance and speed.
  • In-home installation services are available.


  • Manual treadmills have no motorized belt.
  • The incline must be changed manually.
  • The manual belt allows the dieter to slow down when tired.


Manual treadmills are lighter on the wallet. The belt adjusts to the speed of the user, which could mean the dieter can slow down when tired reducing the effectiveness of the workout. Changing incline requires the user stop, step off and then back on again to resume a workout. The narrow, short belt could make it difficult for tall users to take a complete stride.

We suggest using a motorized treadmill or joining a local gym where commercial treadmills are available. Some dieters buy a treadmill as a spur of the moment decision only to find they want a motorized model and not a manual treadmill.

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