Weslo Inversion Flex System Review

Editor's Review: 3.5 / 5.0

What You Should Know

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The Weslo Inversion Flex System allows the user to decompress the spine by inverting the body. The official website for Weslo lists the product for $149. Assembly is required, but in-home assemblers are available for an additional fee. There is one testimonial / review on the Weslo site. The user is 6-feet 6 inches tall and weighs 240 pounds. He claims to have no trouble using the inversion system. No maximum weight or height values are listed for the Weslo Inversion Flex System. Inverting the body has no positive effect on weight loss. Dieters with back pain may find inversion decreases the pressure on the spine, alleviating pain for a short time.

List of Ingredients

Inversion system measuring 60 inches long, 27 inches wide and 49 inches high.

Product Features

Dieters need to know from the start that inversion is not a weight loss practice. Weslo claims the system will reduce stress, but there is no clinical study listed pertaining to this claim. Weslo makes no effort to claim the system will decrease pain of any sort or increase metabolism, though time spent on the Weslo Inversion Flex System is called “workout” time.

The unit also sells on Amazon.com for less than $100 with free shipping and handling. Consumer reviews average about 4.5 stars. The only negative pertains to assembly and misfit parts. For the purpose of reducing pressure on the spine and relieving back pain, users seem extremely happy. The Weslo Inversion Flex System adjusts for taller and shorter users. There are several safety features in place to keep the body from sliding off the inversion table with the user dips the head below the feet.

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  • Inexpensive compared to other inversion tables.
  • Consumer reviews are positive.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Holds users up to 6’6” in height.
  • May hold more than 250 pounds.
  • Sold through Weslo and Amazon.com.


  • May not be comfortable for all dieters.
  • Will not increase metabolism or weight loss.
  • Weslo sells the unit for more than Amazon.
  • Inversion causes blood to rush to the head, which could cause dizziness and fainting.
  • Only one testimonial on the official website.
  • May not be suitable for dieters with some health problems.


The Weslo Inversion Flex System may offer some support for an achy back, but it will not reduce the weight causing the aches and pains. Inversion is comfortable for some, but raising the feet above the head is a feeling the user will need to get used to before feeling completely comfortable. Potential buyers should check with a family physician before using an inversion table, especially if there is a history of heart problems, dizziness or fainting.

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