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Weslo Manual Treadmill is one of the models available from the fitness equipment company. Manual treadmills may have electronic parts, like readouts and heart rate monitors, but the belt that typically moves is stationary. The force of walking or running is what moves the belt along a flywheel system. The movement of a manual treadmill tends to be a bit more forced than treadmills with moving belts. Running may be more difficult due to the lack of fluid motion.

The Weslo Manual Treadmill available for sale is the Weslo Cardio Stride Plus. This model sells for $199, which is much lower than electronic varieties. Users may find the extra money spent on an upgraded model that is not manual is well worth it over time.

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Manual treadmill with a flywheel system.

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Weslo Manual Treadmill offers a less expensive piece of equipment for the home gym. Users will need to work harder to move the belt, which could result in a more effective lower body burn. However, due to the difficulty some users experience with a manual treadmill, dieters may lose interest in a short amount of time.

The Weslo Manual Treadmill offers three incline levels. These levels need to be set before working out as they cannot be changed unless the user steps off the treadmill and back on again. The grades range from 13% to 20%. The weight capacity for the Weslo Manual Treadmill is only 250 pounds. This will limit the number of people who can use the system for weight loss and fitness.

Working out at home comes with unique disadvantages. Dieters often find interruption, fatigue and lack of will power overcome the desire to workout. This could result in the Weslo Manual Treadmill being left sitting while the dieter tries to grasp a successful weight loss strategy. If fatigue is a problem, fat burners tend to have stimulants that can increase energy significantly. They also tend to aid in weight loss.

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  • Weslo Manual Treadmill is priced lower than a motorized treadmill.
  • The unit can be purchased from the Weslo website.


  • Weight limit is only 250 pounds.
  • Users may have difficulty moving the belt.
  • The lower body may fatigue before a good cardio workout is completed.


Working out with a Weslo Manual Treadmill may help some dieters to lose more weight. The manual system works with a flywheel that moves based on the power of the user’s legs. The restricted weight limit and narrow design may not create a suitable workout for many dieters. With energy loss from dieting, some users may feel more prone to work out if they added a strong fat burner with a stimulant to increase energy levels before a work out.

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    Pat Hutchison

    We have been given a Weslo C15 treadmill with no instructions and we can not work out how to get it to start. Can you please direct me to where we can get an instruction booklet.I have tried searching the Internet but only came up with a firm in USA and my computger wouldnot let me emial them with my current settins.
    Thank you